How an accelerometer works!

A simplified explanation of how a capacitive MEMS accelerometer works. Liked the video? Here's how to give back: ...


  • Basic Sensors in iOS

    "O'Reilly Media, Inc.". 2011. ISBN: 9781449315429,1449315429. 108 pages.

    What really sets the iPhone apart from laptops and PCs is its use of onboard sensors, including those that are location-enabled. This concise book takes experienced iPhone and Mac developers on a detailed tour of iPhone and iPad hardware by explaining how these sensors work, and what they're capable of doing. With this book, you'll build sample applications for each sensor, and learn hands-on how to take advantage of the data each sensor produces. You'll gain valuable experience that you can...

  • Estimating human energy expenditure using an accelerometer device

    1982. 82 pages.
  • Vibration Analysis Using a MEMS Accelerometer

    2018. 61 pages.

    The primary objective of this these was to study the feasibility of using a MEMS accelerometer to monitor vibration signatures of a machine to determine if the machine is operating properly. The secondary objective was to investigate the self test features of the accelerometer used in the vibration monitoring. An Efector Octavis accelerometer sensor was used in this study. It was used to monitor a small air pump and an air conditioning (AC) system. The sensor provided the amplitude for the...

  • Packaging of MEMS based accelerometers

    2018. 56 pages.
  • Miniature Integrated Circuit Accelerometer for Biomedical Applications

    1977. 192 pages.
18-549 Embedded Systems Design | Project
18-549 Embedded Systems Design | Project
What is an Accelerometer sensor %% - Tectrick
What is an Accelerometer sensor %% - Tectrick
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Serial Accelerometer Dongle - MMA7361
Serial Accelerometer Dongle - MMA7361

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