'Cats On Instagram' Book

Seller: Nordstrom Nordstrom by Chronicle Books Chronicle Books

Cat lovers, rejoice! This irresistible book compiles over 400 photos from the hugely popular Instagram profile @cats of instagram into a keepsake treasure. Playful categories including "bowties," "surprise," and "happy cats" showcase all the charm and delightful quirks of the wide world of cats. This is a gift that will have feline fans smiling in recognition, surprise, and appreciation. Color...


Vint Cerf explains...Who runs the Internet's address book?

Ever wonder who controls the inner workings of the Internet? Like what happens after you type in a URL and hit enter, or who assigns IP addresses? A father of ...


  • The Address Book

    Siglio Press. 2017. ISBN: 0979956293,9780979956294. 104 pages.

    After finding a lost address book, the artist sets out to understand its owner by randomly interviewing contacts to learn more about the personality and past of its owner.

  • The Address Book

    Penguin UK. 2011. ISBN: 9780857963185,085796318X. 368 pages.

    Where do you call home? Performer Jane Clifton had a classic army brat upbringing, constantly on the move as the family followed the postings of her English officer father from Gibraltar to England, Germany to Malaysia and eventually to Australia. Always the new kid in town, Jane became adept at fitting in anywhere. As an adult, living in the fast-moving worlds of anti-war demos, women's lib, experimental theatre, rock 'n' roll, and TV, she kept up the family tradition of changing addresses...

  • Gay Pulp Address Book

    Chronicle Books. 2017. ISBN: 0811821811,9780811821810. 142 pages.

    This duo of address books features steamy and hilarious gay and lesbian pulp covers on each tab and includes revealing reviews of the racy novels! Like the pulp novels featured inside, these softcover address books have gilded edges. This is a must-have item for anyone fascinated with gay cultural history, or delighted by wicked, funny camp.

  • Barnaby Bunny Address Book

    Courier Corporation. 1991. ISBN: 048626842X,9780486268422. 64 pages.

    Charming cottontail on the cover; inside, 4-line listings per page for names, other data. Sections designated by large letters of the alphabet.

  • Bad Girl's Little Pink Book: Address Book

    Chronicle Books. 2001. ISBN: 0811833100,9780811833103.

    Illustrated throughout, this sassy purse-sized address book includes space for name, phone number, address, and E-mail, along with bad girl alias, birthday, and shoe size. (Try getting that from directory assistance!)

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