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Building an Adirondack Chair - A woodworking video

Read Full Article: Building an Adirondack chair is not difficult, and it's lot of fun to make a good quality wooden chair. For anyone starting out ...


  • Easy-to-build Adirondack Furniture

    Storey Publishing. 1999. 32 pages.

    Building Adirondack furniture is a time-honored craft. Sturdy and rustic, this furniture can be a beautiful addition to any indoor decor, although it's most often used to set the scene outdoors. There, the furniture is subjected to a lifetime of abuse. Yearly it moves from somewhere hidden away (probably dark and musty winter storage) to front-and-center on the summer stage. Now, hour after hour it is beaten on by intense UV light, drenched in driving rains, then fried again in the summer...

  • The Adirondack Chairs

    CreateSpace. 2015. ISBN: 1512143235,9781512143232. 140 pages.

    Everyone has a best friend as a child; someone to share all your secrets with, and who knows you better than anyone else will ever know you. It is someone you will remember your whole life. No matter what happens to you, your best friend will always have a special place in your heart. Tessa loves to spend time with her best friend, Angel. They are polar opposites and cousins and they love to spend time together at their family's lake cabin. Making tree forts, sharing secrets and helping their...

  • Fine Woodworking's Adirondack Chair Plan

    2011. ISBN: 1600856187,9781600856181.

    Unlike many others of its type, this version of the quintessentially American outdoor chair has a curved seat and back for added comfort. It is also lightweight, so your back shouldn't suffer as you move it around the yard. Assembled with screws, this version has step by step instructions for assembling the seat, back, side, and leg assemblies. Once completed and given a good coat of finish, it should be happy outside for years to come. SKILL LEVEL: Beginner FINISHED SIZE: 37 in. deep by 33...

  • Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Outdoor Wood Projects

    Creative Publishing International. 2005. ISBN: 1610603230,9781610603232. 256 pages.

    Wood accessories add function and beauty to your landscape. Wood furnishings and accessories for the landscape are enormously popular, and most are very easy to build using ordinary hand power tools. The Complete Guide to Outdoor Wood Projects provides an exciting mixture of these projects, ranging from the basic, practical storage projects to decorative, ornamental accessories. Some projects can be built in an hour or two, others might require a weekend, but each project includes foolproof...

  • Great Outdoor 2x4 Furniture

    Lark Books. 2002. ISBN: 0806973560,9780806973562. 128 pages.

    Brighten your outdoor space - and make it more practical, too! These absolutely doable projects have simplified construction, with all the tough woodworking maneuvers eliminated. So, feel free to pick up a hammer and saw and get started, even if you're never built furniture before. There's plenty of variety, so you'll find exactly what's needed for your lawn, garden, patio, or deck. Sit out and enjoy the day on a classic Adirondack chair, perhaps with a matching table to hold a cool drink....

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