AMAXON Laura Marques é uma escritora de sucesso, É casada com Lourenço Marques, um apresentador de tevê . Ela sai da cidade para se refugia solitária ...


  • The Animators

    Random House. 2017. ISBN: 9780812989281,0812989287. 384 pages.

    "In their first year of college, two young women, one from a Florida swamp, the other from a Kentucky holler, both outsiders at their prestigious east coast college, meet in "Introduction to Sketch" and become instant best friends. A decade later, Mel and Sharon's lives remain intertwined, but so much else has changed. Now a semi-famous New York filmmaking duo, they draw upon their own pasts to make intimate animated movies, a process that has left their personal lives--including their...

  • Some Account of the Conduct of the Religious Society of Friends Towards the Indian Tribes

    London : E. Marsh. 2018. 247 pages.
  • Cinnamon and Gunpowder

    Macmillan. 2013. ISBN: 9780374123666,0374123667. 318 pages.

    In 1819, kidnapped chef Owen Wedgwood transforms meager shipboard supplies into sumptuous meals at the behest of his kidnapper, pirate queen Mad Hannah Mabbot, while she pushes her exhausted crew to track down a deadly privateer.

  • An Etymological Dictionary of Modern English

    Courier Corporation. 1967. ISBN: 0486218732,9780486218731. 20 pages.

    Volume 1 of a two-volume work. This classic reference contains most of the more common words used in everyday English conversation, plus slang, archaic words and phrases, coined words and foreign words common in English. Roots are identified, cross-references to words with similar roots are listed and colloquial usages and alternate spellings are given. "Notable for its readable historical discussions, apt citations and jargonless clarity"--Saturday Review.

  • The Nigerian Journal of Economic and Social Studies


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  • Ovation Unscripted Series 'The Fashion Fund' Moves to Amazon

    10/02/15 ,via Hollywood Reporter

    The streamer has made a rare unscripted pickup and ordered 10 episodes of the docuseries, which follows the annual design competition run by the Council of Fashion Designers of America and Vogue. Conde Nast Entertainment and Break Thru Films' Ricki Stern ...

  • Amazon to Ban Sale of Apple, Google Video-Streaming Devices

    10/02/15 ,via News Max Inc. will stop selling media-streaming devices from Google Inc. and Apple Inc. that aren’t easily compatible with its video service, the latest example of the company using its clout to promote products that fit with its own retailing strategy.

  • Amazon Bans Sale Of Rival Streaming Devices

    10/02/15 ,via CBS DFW

    NEW YORK (AP) – Amazon will stop allowing the sale of Google and Apple video-streaming devices on its site as it focuses on its own Prime Instant Video streaming service. Prime Video has become an important part of Amazon’s $99 annual Prime loyalty ...

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