Apple iPad Air Review!

iPad Air Review - The DeFacto tablet from a Googler's POV! Apple iPad Air (16GB): http://amzn.to/19lsvcH iPad Air Sample photos... nah. It's a tablet. Games ...


  • A Newbies Guide to iPad Air (With iOS 7)

    Minute Help Press. 2013. 200 pages.

    Welcome to the world of the Apple iPad Air! The slim, elegant device in your hands has revolutionized personal computing and introduced entirely new ways of seeking, consuming and sharing content. iPad is also incredibly intuitive – with a handful of buttons and a few gestures, you'll gain access to a world of information, music, video, games, connectivity, productivity and more. In other words, you're in for a tasty technological treat. If you're new to iDevices (iPhone, iPod, iPad), or if...

  • A Newbies Guide to iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 (Or Any iPad with iOS 9)

    Minute Help Press. 2015. 200 pages.

    This guide is designed for novices and advanced iPad/iOS users alike. The tips and instructions here are tailored to the three most recent iPad models – iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, and iPad Mini 4 - and iOS 9, but you'll find plenty of relevant information for older iPad models and older versions of the iOS software. We've broken things down into six major parts. Part 1: Meet Your iPad will help you unpack the box, learn how to interact with your iPad, and breeze through the set up process. Part 2:...

  • iPad Air Guide

    iOS Guides. 2014.

    iPad Air is packed with advanced technology, all within a 7.5 milimeter frame that's just one pound in weight. This eBook, written by best-selling author T A Rudderham and brought to you by the expert team at iOS Guides, reveals everything you need to know about iPad Air and iOS 7. Suitable for both beginners and intermediate users alike, iPad Air Guide is packed with high-resolution images and written with clear, concise text. Split into five chapters, the book covers basics from talking to...

  • iPad Air 2: An Easy Guide to iPad Air 2's Best Features

    Conceptual Kings. 2014. ISBN: 9781502981721,1502981726. 30 pages.
  • IPad Air; A&H.

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  • iPad mini 4 review: The small tablet is a big deal again

    10/02/15 ,via The Next Web

    In ushering in new iPhones last month, Apple glossed over the iPad mini 4. A quick take only suggested it was a smaller version of the iPad Air 2, and in many ways — it is. The mini 4 is still kind of a big deal, though. At just about every turn ...

  • iPad Air 3 Update: New Apple Addition to have Enhanced A9 Chip, More Efficient than 20nm Process

    10/01/15 ,via Realty Today

    Apple is set to add another piece of iOS device to their line-up, the iPad Air 3, which is rumored to be revealed in early 2016. iPad Air 3 was just recently revealed by the Cupertino-based tech giant when they released the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. However ...

  • Google Pixel C vs. Apple iPad Pro: Specs & features comparison

    10/01/15 ,via DelhiDailyNews

    The iPad Pro uses the latest version of Apple's chipset, the 64-bit A9X, and the M9 motion coprocessor. The A9X is significantly quicker than the iPad Air 2's processor. It is likely the A9X will win in processor benchmarks, and tie or lose to the X1 in ...

NoWhereElse.fr - Apple iPad Air 3 Prototype Sketch-Up (January 2016)
NoWhereElse.fr - Apple iPad Air 3 Prototype Sketch-Up (January 2016)
Apple iPad Air 2 64GB Gris Espacial - Tablet
Apple iPad Air 2 64GB Gris Espacial - Tablet

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