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Apple Magic Mouse Review (2015)

This is a review of the Apple Magic Mouse. It's not the most comfortable mouse on the market, but in terms of functionality, I don't regret this purchase for a ...


  • Applemouse

    1972. ISBN: 020795447X,9780207954474. 40 pages.

    While exploring the garden, a little mouse finds an apple and decides to make his home in it.

  • Mouse and the Apple

    Lincoln Children's Books. 2004. ISBN: 1845072111,9781845072117. 32 pages.

    Mouse is sitting expectantly under a tree where a fine, ripe apple hangs. One by one hen, goose, goat, and cow come up to look at the apple, and each tries to make it fall. Their efforts fail and so they all go home, but mouse's patience is rewarded.

  • InfoWorld

    1984. 64 pages.

    InfoWorld is targeted to Senior IT professionals. Content is segmented into Channels and Topic Centers. InfoWorld also celebrates people, companies, and projects.

  • Mouse Magic

    2018. ISBN: 0439321050,9780439321051.

    Kit and the Wizard experiment with colors, finding that some colors vibrate when placed next to each other.

  • The Biggest Apple Ever

    Scholastic Inc.. 2018. ISBN: 9780545248365,0545248361. 32 pages.

    Clayton and Desmond work together to try to find the biggest apple for a school contest, but when realize they will not win they find a better use for all of the apples they have collected.

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