Aquarium Ideas - planted aquariums of Heimtiermesse 2014, Hannover, pt. 1

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  • Insider's Guide: Aquariums within a day trip of Lehigh Valley

    06/22/17 ,via Allentown Morning Call

    Aquariums attract families and anyone fascinated by marine life. Since most people don't have the opportunity to explore the ocean, aquariums provide visitors with a glimpse into a world that is home to an amazing number of sea creatures in all shapes

  • 2 new aquariums in region, no problem, Da Vinci says ...

    06/01/17 ,via

    The Da Vinci Science Center responded to concerns about a rumored Ripley's Aquarium in the Poconos.

  • Commentary: Protect Aquarium Fishing | Hawaii Public Radio-HPR2

    06/22/17 ,via Hawaiipublicradio

    Among the bills passed by the legislature and awaiting the signature or veto of Governor Ige is Senate Bill 1240. Its topic is aquarium fish. The measure.

  • Zoo Jersey: A summer guide to zoos, aquariums and pet farms | NJ ...

    06/20/17 ,via

    When the rumblings of boredom begin to become a roar in your den this summer, embark on a walk on the wild side with a trip to one of the state's many zoos 

  • Climate Change Is Tough to Teach, So Aquariums and Zoos Are Stepping In

    The New England Aquarium in Boston has founded a national network to try to make this tough subject easier to teach and to ensure that more members of the public, including students on class visits, get a complete picture of the climate-change problem USA, LLC Hawkeye 5 Gallon Starter Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting

The Hawkeye 5 Gallon Starter Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting features an attractive bow-front shaped aquarium and easily replaceable API crystal bio-chem zorb 10 filter cartridges and API SUPERCLEAN 10 internal power filter. It is also made of impact-resistant acrylic that provides leak-proof...

$39.99 USA, LLC AquaTop CF400UV 3+1 Stage Canister Filter, 370 gph

The CF400-UV has become a very popular canister filter for the price and performance. The 370GPH, 3+1 filtration system is ideal for fresh and saltwater aquariums ranging in size from 75 gallons to 125 gallons. The integrated 9 watt UV sterilizer helps keep your aquarium healthy and crystal...

$100.45 USA, LLC Hawkeye 3 Gallon 360 Starter Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting
Learning Toys

Hawkeye 3-Gallon 360 Starter Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting: Tank size: 3-gallonsEnergy-efficient LED lightingDazzling light colors: red, green, blue and whiteUndergravel filterAir pumpSet-up and care guideEco-friendly, LED lighting brightly illuminates aquarium and inhabitantsAttractive...

$29.97 USA, LLC AquaTop Dual Display Digital Heater, 100 watt

Our dual digital display heater instantly displays your current aquarium water temperature and makes it easy to set your target temperature so you never have to check what the temperature is. Maintaining a constant temperature in your aquarium creates an environment where your livestock can...

$34.28 USA, LLC AquaTop Dual Display Digital Heater, 300 watt

The AQUATOP D2HT series comes equipped with a highly visible dual digital temperature display, an easy to use temperature control button, and a separately attached temperature sensor, providing a stable temperature environment for aquatic life. The fully submersible features allow for added...



  • Aquarium

    Grove/Atlantic, Inc.. 2015. ISBN: 9780802191755,0802191754. 272 pages.

    "Like Melville, Faulkner, and McCarthy, Vann is already one of the great ones of American literature."—ABC(Spain) “Vann’s prose is as pure as a gulp of water from an Alaskan stream.”—Financial Times David Vann’s dazzling debut Legend of a Suicide was reviewed in over a 150 major global publications, won 11 prizes worldwide, was on 40 “best books of the year” lists, and established its author as a literary master. Since then, Vann has delivered an exceptional body of work, receiving, among...

  • Aquariums

    TFH Publications. 1984. ISBN: 0866222375,9780866222372. 80 pages.
  • Cinquième Congrès International des Aquariums

    2017. ISBN: 2726002234,9782726002230. 812 pages.
  • Aquariums of North America

    Scarecrow Press. 1995. ISBN: 0810829231,9780810829237. 190 pages.

    Covering the U.S. and Canada, this compact guide lists aquariums by city and state or province and gives explicit, easy-to-follow instructions on how to find each, either by car or by public transportation. It describes the major aquatic displays and programs, as well as giving the hours of openings, admission and parking fees, availability of food and housing in the vicinity, and a brief history for each aquarium. Whenever available, accessibility to restrooms and exhibits for the physically...

  • Goldfish

    Barron's Educational Series. 2017. ISBN: 0764119869,9780764119866. 95 pages.

    Presents information for pet owners on the selection and caring of gold fish.

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