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  • World's smallest badminton racket / shuttle cock created by Iqbal Sakka

    07/11/17 ,via UdaipurTimes

    Udaipur's well known miniature sculptor Iqbal Sakka has added another feather to his cap. This time he has created, what he claims to be, the world's smallest badminton and shuttlecock set. Sakka has carved a 200 mg gold set of 2 badminton rackets and

  • Schools helping students get active during free time by offering ...

    07/30/17 ,via The Straits Times

    Concerned about how sedentary their students are becoming, schools are unlocking their athletic equipment cupboards and facilities during recess and after 

  • Make a racket: Badminton's birthplace Pune can't bother to build a museum

    07/03/17 ,via Hindustan Times

    Pune is the birthplace of badminton. The World Badminton Federation (WBF) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have always mentioned that the game was earlier known as the Poona Game and in England, a huge badminton museum in Milton 

  • All set for 4th Baddicts Stars Badminton

    07/13/17 ,via Inquirer.net

    Levels G+, G, and G-champions will get P2,000 and medals while their runners-up will receive P1,000 and medals. Badminton rackets, bags, and overgrips will also be raffled off. As a side feature, some members of the Cebu Mobile Shutterbugs — a group

  • The Campagna T-Rex Would Have To Be Your Last Car

    07/28/17 ,via Jalopnik

    Once you've driven every supercar, classic and enthusiast-spec vehicle under the sun, you might find yourself a little sad. What's left, just a viking funeral in your Ferrari? Oh no, there's a better blaze of glory to go out in. It's called the


  • Finite Element Analysis on Badminton Racket Design Parameters

    Springer. 2015. ISBN: 9783319217352,3319217356. 47 pages.

    This work identifies the characteristics of racket design parameters that influence racket performance. It presents the finite element analysis of several designs of badminton rackets and compares them to experimental results for validation. Designing a racket requires a comprehensive understanding of racket performance characteristics. Essentially, racket performance is related to the sweet spot, which is the spot on the racket head that produces the most power and control when it strikes a...

  • The Engineering of Sport 7

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2009. ISBN: 228709413X,9782287094132. 703 pages.

    During the last years, artificial turf pitches have become commonly used for sports like hockey, tennis, rugby and football. The acceptance of this sport surface has found obj- tions in sports like football because first generations of artificial turf showed many problems and differences respect to the natural grass. These differences have been reduced but a serious problem exists yet: skin injuries due to sliding. This problem has been called “turf-burns”. The risk of this turf burn curbs...

  • The Badminton Coach

    Lulu Press, Inc. 2013. ISBN: 9781105696138,1105696138.

    Aaron Wisewell aim is to provide simple badminton drills and coaching that will teach players of all ages and abilities how to play badminton, and develop game specific techniques. Simply get Badminton Coach for explanations, information and coaching.

  • Examining Physical Education for AQA A

    Heinemann. 2018. ISBN: 0435506757,9780435506759. 192 pages.

    This text has been revised to cover the AQA A specification which begin in September 2001. The book covers material which reflects the requirements of the exam and provides lots of exam practice tasks. It also gives support for the practical aspects of the exam.

  • That Badminton Racket

    122 pages.
Kitroom Direct Yonex Voltric 5 Badminton Racket kitroomdirect
Kitroom Direct Yonex Voltric 5 Badminton Racket kitroomdirect
... badminton_racket_yonex_arcsaber_z-slash_badminton_racket_2000x2000.jpg
... badminton_racket_yonex_arcsaber_z-slash_badminton_racket_2000x2000.jpg
Wilson KPro Badminton Racket
Wilson KPro Badminton Racket

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