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Beaumaris castle and town on Anglesey

Beaumaris in Anglesey during the summer heatwave we are having. Anglesey is such a stunning place, absolutely delightful and very varied with idyllic seaside ...

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  • Ysgol Beaumaris campaigners take battle to save school to council's door

    07/27/17 ,via Daily Post North Wales

    According to Anglesey Council, no decision has yet been made, with the town's school being one of three primaries in the Seiriol ward under an ongoing consultation. But the consultation report states that Ysgol Beaumaris - which has 36 pupils on the

  • Hedgehogs killed by rat poison in Beaumaris

    07/26/17 ,via North Wales Chronicle

    Two hedgehogs found dead in the Beaumaris area are thought to have eaten rat poison. They were found on July 18, with the incident reported to the RSPCA a few days later. RSPCA inspector Andrew Broadbent said: “We understand rat poison is being 

  • Englishman Terry Mitchell facing deportation for brutally killing Jason Stone over debt

    07/27/17 ,via Herald Sun

    The 27-year-old's body was dumped on the foreshore of Beaumaris beach and found several days later hidden under bushes. A female member of Mr Stone's family abused Mitchell as he was led away to begin his sentence. Police at the scene of where 

  • Anglesey landslide road could shut again unless it gets 'urgent improvements'

    07/25/17 ,via Daily Post North Wales

    Cllr Jones said: “The main road that connects Beaumaris, one of five towns on the island, needs major investment.” “We would like to see a project to improve the Garth bends at the very least, as at the moment its not fit for purpose being very narrow

  • RSL Victoria plan to wind up Beaumaris branch leads to fears Cheltenham supersite will be sold

    07/18/17 ,via Herald Sun

    The state body bought the big block at the corner of Reserve and Bay roads in Cheltenham six years ago as a replacement for the ageing Beaumaris sub-branch. But despite years of promising members they wouldn't be left without a home, RSL Victoria 


  • Hen Blas (the Old Palace) in Beaumaris, with Illustrations

    1869. 8 pages.
  • The Bridge

    Scribe Publications. 2018. ISBN: 9781925548938,1925548937. 384 pages.

    Did the dead exist? Were they watching? Were they ghosts? Not the kind he’d imagined as a child, draped with white sheets, with the ability to walk through walls, but the kind that lodged themselves in your heart, in your memories, the kind that came to you in dreams, that you could see when you closed your eyes and sometimes even when your eyes were opened. In 1970s Melbourne, 22-year-old Italian migrant Antonello is newly married and working as a rigger on the West Gate Bridge, a gleaming...

  • A Waltz for Matilda

    HarperCollins Australia. 2010. ISBN: 9780730493969,0730493962. 496 pages.

    The story behind Banjo Paterson's iconic Australian song. Ages 10-14 'Once a jolly swagman camped by a Billabong Under the shade of a Coolibah tree And he sang as he watched and waited till his Billy boiled You'll come a‐waltzing Matilda with me...' In 1894, twelve-year-old Matilda flees the city slums to find her unknown father and his farm. But drought grips the land, and the shearers are on strike. Her father has turned swaggie and he's wanted by the troopers. In front of his terrified...

  • Beaumaris Castle, Anglesey, Wales

    2018. 16 pages.
  • Traethawd ar amaethyddiaeth, testyn eisteddfod Beaumaris O. C. 1832, etc

    2018. 39 pages.

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  • Family: Build a castle with Legos at Doylestown's Mercer castle

    10/02/15 ,via The Morning Call

    Kids can learn through trial and error the most durable way to build a castle's defenses. All around are Lego models of real castles, among them Beaumaris Castle in Wales, Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Blarney Castle in Ireland, Arundel Castle in ...

  • Footfall surges by a third in Llanelli town centre

    09/30/15 ,via Llanelli Star Online

    "We went to Beaumaris and they all opened on a Sunday for us as they saw a lot of people were coming in. "So they benefited fro being aware of what was going on." Councillor Hazel Evans said parking was free on weekends at Coleshill.

  • VIDEO: Watch Ronnie O'Sullivan's stunning 147 at Scunthorpe Baths Hall on Saturday

    09/28/15 ,via Scunthorpe Telegraph

    11th Oct - The Cue Club, Newry N.Ireland. 0283026606612th Oct – Belfast Waterfront – with Stephen Hendry 0289033445513th Oct – Raven Hotel Shropshire – 0194871054014th Oct- Beaumaris Leisure Centre, Bangor - 0124881137315th Oct – Preston ...

Beskrivelse Beaumaris Castle.jpg
Beskrivelse Beaumaris Castle.jpg
David Jones, Beaumaris Artist: Exhibition at "Y Ganolfan" from 23 May ...
David Jones, Beaumaris Artist: Exhibition at "Y Ganolfan" from 23 May ...
... Beaumaris Large Photos of Beaumaris Town Large Photos of Beaumaris
... Beaumaris Large Photos of Beaumaris Town Large Photos of Beaumaris

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