Bond & Co. Red Plaid Pet Throw & Bone Pillow for Dogs, 36x 27 Throw, Medium

Seller: petco petco by Bond & Co Bond & Co

The Bond & Co. Plaid Pet Throw & Bond Pillow for Dogs are two comfy and chic cuddle-time favorites your pup will love to snuggle with this season. This stylish set provides your pet with additional support to their existing dog bed and added warmth wherever they rest.


Bulldog throws temper tantrum for his stolen bed

Now this Bulldog shows us the meaning of persistence! Watch as he throws a bit of a fit when he realizes his bed is being "occupied" by another dog. Hey buddy ...

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    Dramatists Play Service, Inc.. 1984. ISBN: 0822204150,9780822204152. 43 pages.

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