Disney Miniature Tinker Bell-Themed Baby Doll Collection: Precious Pixies

Seller: The Bradford Exchange Online The Bradford Exchange Online by The Ashton-Drake Galleries The Ashton-Drake Galleries

The Disney Tinker Bell inspired sweethearts in this baby doll collection by Master Doll Artist Cheryl Hill are as cute as pixies - and oh, don't they know it! At just 5-1/4-inches high, each amazingly realistic baby doll is a magical miniature treasure, beginning with Issue One, Am I Cute Or What? Before long you'll be enchanted by Issue Two, You Say Spoiled Like it's a Bad Thing! and Issue...


Tibetan Healing Sounds #1 -11 hours - Tibetan bowls for meditation, relaxation, calming, healing

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  • The Bells

    Vintage Books Canada. 2011. ISBN: 9780307358240,0307358240. 384 pages.

    Dazzling, enchanting and epic, The Bells is the confession of a thief, kidnapper and unlikely lover -- a boy with the voice of an angel whose exquisite sense of hearing becomes both his life's tragic curse and its greatest blessing. Moses Froben was born in a belfry high in the Swiss Alps, the bastard son of a deaf-mute woman banished to the church tower to ring each day the Loudest and Most Beautiful Bells in the land. His life is simple but he is content, until the day his father recognizes...

  • Silver Bells

    Bantam. 2005. ISBN: 9780553588552,0553588559. 274 pages.

    Troubled by haunting memories of the past, a rugged Christmas tree farmer from Nova Scotia and a reclusive young librarian from New York City come together amid the holiday magic of a glittering city, in a tender story of love, hope, and renewal. Reprint. (A Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation, releasing Winter 2005, directed by Dick Lowry, starring Tate Donovan, Michael Mitchell, Courtney Jines, & Margot Martindale) (General Fiction)

  • Christmas Bells

    Penguin. 2016. ISBN: 9781101984796,1101984791. 352 pages.

    New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Chiaverini celebrates Christmas, past and present, with a wondrous novel inspired by the classic poem Christmas Bells, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. I heard the bells on Christmas Day / Their old familiar carols play / And wild and sweet / The words repeat / Of peace on earth, good-will to men! In 1860, the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow family celebrated Christmas at Craigie House, their home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The publication of Longfellow s...

  • Henry Irving and The Bells

    Manchester University Press. 1980. ISBN: 0719007984,9780719007989. 134 pages.
  • Hear All the Bells

    2016. ISBN: 0692748199,9780692748190. 374 pages.

    In a word, Hear All The Bells is unexpected. The memoir takes the topic of mental illness, so alien and frightening to many people, and makes it accessible. Specifically, Hear All The Bells gives the reader a view below the surface of manic depressive illness, also called bipolar disorder. Although the book is sometimes painful and disorienting, Hear All The Bells tells an optimistic, engaging, and deeply personal story. The reader becomes a co-traveler on a strange journey, experiencing the...

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