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Groomsmen Gifts: Best Man Gift Ideas - When it comes to thanking your bridal party and groomsmen (or best man) it can be tricky to ...

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  • From folk art to a fish fork, Brooks Museum's '100 Gifts for 100 Years' exhibition delights

    07/29/17 ,via The Commercial Appeal

    So, speaking purely of my imagination, I walked through the exhibition “100 Gifts for 100 Years” at Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, through August 27, wondering what, if I could get away with it, I would walk out with undetected. And to shift genres

  • Young Man's Overdose Leads to Gifts of Life for 2 Ohio Women

    07/01/17 ,via U.S. News & World Report

    In this May 18, 2017, photo, Karen Goodwin greets her autistic son Connor McConnaughy, 10, as he comes home from school in Deerfield, Ohio. Adam Shay died too young of a heroin overdose at age 21. But his thoughtfulness to have checked the box as an 

  • Sling Some Webs With Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Gift Guide

    07/07/17 ,via Geek

    It'll get you lots of friends, catch 'em just like flies. Look out; it's our amazing Spider-Man gift guide. Okay, that was If you've ever wanted to look like Spidey, this hoodie may be your best chance to do it. From head to torso, you'll be rockin

  • Grossly weird things women do to keep men

    07/30/17 ,via The Standard

    However flattering, mostly they do not have the best intentions in their hearts. It is never a kind Equally those with low self-esteem or those who just like showering their men with gifts to prove to other women they have the money to do it. Okay

  • This Empty Baby Shower Would Be Really Sad — If It Weren't A Total Scam

    07/28/17 ,via Refinery29

    It all started with a tweet sent out by a woman named "Dory" about how nobody came to her best friend Chelsie Collins' baby shower at a Golden Corral restaurant in Ohio. In the photos she posted, there were tables set with pink tablecloths, pink


  • The Gifts of Man

    2016. ISBN: 1534732179,9781534732179. 448 pages.

    To believers and nonbelievers alike, the Three Wise Men are highly mysterious figures. In the nativity story, they arrive after the birth of Jesus, having followed a star across the desert. But who were these men? Where did they come from? How were they connected-if in fact they were? And was a star the only reason for their famous journey, or was there more to it? This engrossing biblical adaption goes beyond the nativity story as we experience the search for the Messiah from the perspective...

  • The Greatest Gift

    Simon and Schuster. 2014. ISBN: 9781476778860,1476778868. 64 pages.

    George Pratt, depressed and contemplating suicide, is allowed to see what his community would have been like if he had never been born, in a hardcover reissue of the story that inspired the film It's a Wonderful Life. 100,000 first printing.

  • A Secret Gift

    Penguin. 2010. ISBN: 1101444630,9781101444634. 384 pages.

    An inspiring account of America at its worst-and Americans at their best-woven from the stories of Depression-era families who were helped by gifts from the author's generous and secretive grandfather. Shortly before Christmas 1933 in Depression-scarred Canton, Ohio, a small newspaper ad offered $10, no strings attached, to 75 families in distress. Interested readers were asked to submit letters describing their hardships to a benefactor calling himself Mr. B. Virdot. The author's grandfather...

  • Best Man

    2018. ISBN: 1983812870,9781983812873. 110 pages.

    This Elegant, Travel Size Notebook is a Perfect Present for the Best Man. Great Place to Jot Down Ideas for Vows, Honeymoon, Wedding Cake, Reception, Guests, Family, Setting Arrangements... Wherever the Best Man is! Perfect Companion Notebook to Compliment a Prompted Organizational Wedding Planner. This Stylish Journal has a Matte, Sturdy Softback Cover, Perfect Bound, for a Beautiful Look and Feel. Premium Matte Finish SoftCover Design Printed on Bright White Paper, High Quality 60# Paper...

  • Best Man's Duties

    Elliot Right Way Books. 2018. ISBN: 0716021528,9780716021520. 160 pages.

    Use this book first to know what the duties of the best man are, e.g. Master of Ceremonies, Toastmaster, Chief Marshal, Safekeeper, Counsellor. Then, learn the insights needed to 'take command' of these duties - unobtrusively and appropriately. Also, Chris Akerman has provided 10 brand new, sizzling sample speeches.

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