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CNET Top 5: Best MP3 Players

The day of the MP3 payer may not be dead just yet, especially for those who go to the gym, or want to take their entire music library with them. In this week's Top ...

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  • Winamp's woes: How the greatest MP3 player undid itself

    07/05/17 ,via Ars Technica

    Enter Winamp, the skin-able, customizable MP3 player that "really whips the llama's ass." In the late . To be honest, I knew so little, but I thought that these guys seem to be figuring out as they're going along, so that's the best shot I have

  • Top 7 alternatives to the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano

    07/28/17 ,via CNET

    Apple didn't invent the portable music player, but the company's iPod was the category's first true mass-market phenomenon. But in the post-iPhone era, iPod sales have continued to plunge -- which is why Apple finally pulled the plug on sales of the

  • Best Alternatives to the Apple iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano

    07/30/17 ,via TechDigg

    Not to worry, there are several companies still manufacturing MP3 players on the cheap and on the expensive side. These are a dying breed, but folks still have the option to continue using them until they are no more. We're going to talk about the best 

  • No more Nanos? No more Shuffles? No problem

    07/28/17 ,via CNET

    Apple obviously didn't think so, hence the end of the product lines, but I'm sure there are folks who'd still like a small, simple MP3 player, something that's easy to toss into a gym bag or lightweight enough to clip to a shirt. Oh, and maybe a little

  • Jogger stumbles upon man masturbating along trail

    08/03/17 ,via KOB 4

    But she said it was her own best practices that kept her aware in the first place. There are two things Frabutt-Garcia said she will never do when she's working out outside. First, she'll never listen to music on her phone on an MP3 player. She said


  • Father of the MP3 Player

    Baja Books. 2016. ISBN: 0976594285,9780976594284. 186 pages.

    Whether you are an entrepreneur, student or history buff, you will discover some of the many lessons from the extreme ups and downs that life and business have to offer. Father of the MP3 Player, Lessons in Business and Life From a Visionary Entrepreneur, is a story of Nathan Schulhof and the many experiences that led him to changing the world through disruptive technology. From his dealings with Steve Jobs' Apple, Bill Gates' Microsoft to doing an IPO along with starting and selling...

  • MP3

    Oreilly & Associates Incorporated. 2018. ISBN: 1565926617,9781565926615. 388 pages.

    Explains how to use the compressed file format to distribute and collect music over the Internet, covering ripping, encoding, MP3 storage, security, legal issues, protocol, and hardware options

  • The Best iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry Apps

    Vasanth Simon.
  • Orientation and Mobility Techniques

    Blind. 2018. ISBN: 0891287884,9780891287889.

    The first techniques book in O&M has been revised for today's fast-changing world, while remaining true to Hill & Ponder's simple organizational principles. The new, easy-to-read color format includes accompanying photographs, updated information on street crossings at complex intersections, and a new chapter on O&M for people with low vision.

  • PCs All-in-One For Dummies

    John Wiley & Sons. 2013. ISBN: 9781118330678,1118330676. 720 pages.

    A perfect companion for your PC! Whether you use your PC for work or play, there's a lot to learn and a lot of territory to discover, so take along a good guide. Serving up nine meaty minibooks, this All-in-One guide covers essential PC topics from soup through nuts, including the latest on PC hardware, Windows 8, the Internet, all the tools in Office 2013, digital media, troubleshooting and maintenance, upgrading your PC, home networking, and PC gaming. You'll get to know your PC inside and...

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