30 min Full Body BOSU Ball Workout with Dumbbells - 10 Exercises to Build Muscle & Lose Weight

You don't have a lot of time? Only have 30 minutes to get a full-body workout in? No problem! Try this challenging total body workout for the arms, back, chest, ...

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC BOSU Balance Trainer
Exercise & Fitness

BOSU Balance Trainer: Versatile piece of equipmentBOSU Ball Trainer is ideal for static and dynamic balance trainingIntegrate balance challenges into cardiovascular, endurance, core and flexibility training1-year warranty

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC Cando Bosu Trainer - Dome Shaped-w/1hr Video
Surveillance Equipment

Features: Versatile balance trainerUse as a board or a ballInflate ball to change instability; 25" diameterDVD - 30 minutesAvailable: Bosu Balance Exercise with 1 hour video, 120 pg. ManualBosu Balance Exercise with 1/2 hour video, 4 pg. Manual

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC Rob Glick And Kimberly Spreen: Core Cuts
Tv Shows

Fitness favorites Rob Glick and Kimberly Spreen team up for a DVD workout that gives you options galore! This DVD is packed with 6 individual core routines: each one can easily stand on its own when you're either lacking time or looking for a great addition to an existing workout. You can also...

Kobo U.S Balance Training

GO BEYOND THE BALL WITH TODAY'S NEWEST STRENGTH AND BALANCE EXERCISES. Balance training-or working out on unstable surfaces like the BOSU, ball and core board-forces you to use the deep, inner muscles that other workouts miss. These are the muscles that make you look sleek, toned and sexy....

Kobo U.S Super Core Training. Scopri le Tecniche e gli Esercizi Migliori per Scolpire il Tuo Fisico e Aumentare la Tua Resistenza. (Ebook Italiano - Anteprima Gratis)

Programma di Super Core Training Scopri le Tecniche e gli Esercizi Migliori per Scolpire il Tuo Fisico e Aumentare la Tua Resistenza PERCHE' E' IMPORTANTE IL CORE Cos'è il CORE e da quali muscoli è composto. L'allenamento funzionale per la prevenzione degli infortuni. Il corretto utilizzo della...



  • Get On It!

    Ulysses Press. 2009. ISBN: 9781569757512,1569757518. 144 pages.
  • Anatomy for Strength and Fitness Training for Women

    New Holland Publishers. 2017. ISBN: 1845379527,9781845379520. 144 pages.

    Research in the last ten years has made it clear that a woman's body should be exercised differently from a man's, and that her training programme should be adjusted to suit her body type and transformations as she moves through the various life stages. Anatomy for Strength and Fitness Training for Women is a unique guide, reference and graphic education tool suitable for any woman interested in understanding her own body and formulating a personal exercise programme. Over 90 exercises,...

  • One Hundred Years Young the Natural Way

    Trafford Publishing. 2011. ISBN: 9781426958397,1426958390. 664 pages.

    One Hundred Years Young the Natural Way promotes ageless aging and a higher quality life by introducing twenty-five main steps to promote longevity. This handbook offers tips not only on maintaining longevity, but also on body, mind, and spirit/spirituality training in three sections and 660 pages. Success in one area leads to success in the others, and so author Earl Fee focuses on all three aspects of personal health. One Hundred Years Young the Natural Way is a complete guide to longevity...

  • Recreate Yourself

    BookBaby. 2011. ISBN: 9781620950036,1620950030. 216 pages.

    This easy-to-use, entertaining fitness guide, written by fat loss expert and fitness professional Jason Scott Johnson, offers simple, surprisingly fun steps to burn fat, develop lean muscle, and improve physical health and fitness. Making significant, lifelong changes to your health regimen is far easier than you may think. And, believe it or not, it can also be a really good time. In fact you can put in motion right now the steps you need to get fit and stay that way, and have great fun...

  • Weights on the BOSU® Balance Trainer

    Ulysses Press. 2017. ISBN: 9781612431277,1612431275. 120 pages.

    Offers easy-to-follow exercises for beginners to elite athletes on the use of weights with the BOSU balance trainer.

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BOSU Ball Balance Trainer
BOSU Ball Balance Trainer

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