Yasmine Eslami Women's Lily Tulle Soft Bra-GREEN Size 3

Seller: Barneys New York Barneys New York by Yasmine Eslami Yasmine Eslami


The History of the Bra: Styles From Every Fashion Era

The bra has come a long way since its inception. Check out how this sexy staple has changed over the years—and choose which style you like best! Still haven't ...


  • The Bra Book

    BenBella Books, Inc.. 2017. ISBN: 9781944648398,1944648399. 216 pages.

    It’s time to have FUN finding the perfect fit—fashion expert Jené Luciani is here to help. In 2009, The Bra Book helped countless women find the right bra. Now, Luciani, known as “Dr. Oz’s Bra Guru,” returns with this updated edition of her one-and-only guide to all things underneath. If 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra, what else in their undergarment drawers doesn’t fit as well as it could? Luciani continues her mission to arm women with the knowledge they need to find the...

  • The Bra Book

    BenBella Books. 2018. ISBN: 9781933771946,1933771941. 195 pages.

    Argues that most women wear poorly fitted bras, and provides information on bra history and styles, how to get the right fit, the correct bras for different body types and occasions, and related topics.

  • The Bra Book

    BenBella Books, Inc.. 2009. ISBN: 9781935251927,1935251929. 224 pages.

    According to a September 2006 episode of the The Oprah Winfrey Show, countless American women are in need of a serious “bra intervention.” Eighty-five percent of women are wearing the wrong bra. What else don’t we know about which one is the right one? The Bra Book author Jené Luciani—a fashion expert and a go-to guide for beauty advice—once and for all arms women with the knowledge they need to find the right fashion support. From the best bra to wear under every outfit to important...

  • Uplift

    University of Pennsylvania Press. 2002. ISBN: 0812218353,9780812218350. 264 pages.

    Over the years the bra has been stereotyped as an object of seduction, glamour, and even oppression. In Uplift: A History of the Bra in America Jane Farrell-Beck and Colleen Gau use this item of clothing to gauge the social history of women and to understand the business history of fashion. Viewing fashion as a means to entertainment, self-creation, and everyday art, the authors illuminate the effect the brassiere has had on women's lives--their style, health, and economic opportunity. Rich...

  • Sand in My Bra and Other Misadventures

    Travelers' Tales. 2018. ISBN: 1885211929,9781885211927. 194 pages.

    A collection of humorous tales of travel adventures and misadventures by twenty-five contributors--including Anne Lamott, Ellen Degeneres, Sandra Tsing Loh, Sarah Vowell, and Cynthia Kaplan--ranges from being chased by a herd of African elephants to getting bitten by a goddess-possessd healer in Kathmandu. Original.

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  • Dancing with my Doc' adds a new twist to BRAvo fundraiser

    10/01/15 ,via Macomb Daily

    And yes, that is still happening. Each year, individuals and teams are invited to decorate a bra in honor of or in memory of a colleague, friend or family member diagnosed with cancer. Last year, there were 42 entries ranging from funny and far out to ...

  • 'Can I fail lie detector because I had a w***?' Jeremy Kyle guest is TV gold

    10/02/15 ,via Daily Star

    He had been dragged on the Jeremy Kyle show by jealous girlfriend, Chantelle, who suspected he had cheated after he admitted to a "bra search" on a night out. He explained: "Me and a friend searched her bra. Not under her bra. Over the top." Dan grinned ...

  • Bra Fundraiser

    10/02/15 ,via WWL-TV

    Bra Fundraiser It's a unique fundraiser for where you can see custom decorated bras modeled by male models. We've got a sneak peek at Bras for a Cause Cancer Benefit with Judith Dubea and Andrea Chambers. Check out this story on WWLTV.com: http://on.wwltv ...

Moving Comfort Fiona Sports Bra (For Women) in Flamingo
Moving Comfort Fiona Sports Bra (For Women) in Flamingo
... Oak® Break-Up® Camo Padded Bra with Pink-Bow And Black Lace- 601631
... Oak® Break-Up® Camo Padded Bra with Pink-Bow And Black Lace- 601631
Image by dickeybub.net
Soma Intimates Launches Bra Drive
Soma Intimates Launches Bra Drive

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