Bulk Buys OL083-2 Small Low Profile TV Wall Mount, 2 Piece

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Features- Small Low Profile TV Wall Mount, 2 Piece- Save space and enhance your viewing experience by mounting your television to the wall with this Small Low Profile TV Wall Mount featuring an ultra slim fixed LCDLED TV bracket made of heavy duty steel- Designed for 17"37" televisions- Holds up to 44 lbs- Hardware included- Easy installation SKU: KOLIM74700


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Buying a TV involves many choices, some of which may be brand new to you. Plasma TV or LCD? LED or 3D? Our TV buying guide organizes the process into ...


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Best Buy LG TV Deal
Best Buy LG TV Deal
By Sean Portnoy for Home Theater | November 21, 2011 -- 16:21 GMT (08 ...
By Sean Portnoy for Home Theater | November 21, 2011 -- 16:21 GMT (08 ...
Image by www.zdnet.com
Best Buy Tv Wall Best buy retail signage
Best Buy Tv Wall Best buy retail signage
Image by imgarcade.com

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