How to Make the Perfect Cafetière

A step by step guide to making the perfect cafetiere coffee, from recommended coffee quantities to the perfect brewing time. Find out more at ...


  • The 9090 Cafetière by Richard Sapper

    1997. 48 pages.

    Del af serien Design Classics.

  • Stop that Heart Attack!

    Class Publishing Ltd. 2018. ISBN: 1859590969,9781859590966. 392 pages.

    This title is about living life to the full and not denying yourself the things you enjoy. Dr Cutting sorts out scientific fact from unfounded theories and shows you just how simple it is to take charge of your own health.

  • French Lesson Notes to Accompany La Première Année de Français...

    2018. 96 pages.
  • International Operations Management

    CRC Press. 2016. ISBN: 9781317113867,1317113861. 288 pages.

    International Operations Management: Lessons in Global Business uses a fascinating selection of case studies researched during the 'International Operations Management Project', sponsored by the European Commission, to produce a valuable view of businesses in Western and Eastern traditions. Ranging from China Post and Flextronics International (Singapore) to Electrolux, Ford, and GlaxoSmithKline, the studies link conceptual and practical approaches in five areas: international operations...

  • Country Life


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  • The coffee capital: full of beans in Seattle

    10/01/15 ,via The National

    “You’re not going to Starbucks are you?” says a man who strikes up a conversation at a seafood restaurant in Pike Place Market. “Not that it’s bad coffee – you just don’t have to give them your money.” I don’t go to a Starbucks – that ...

  • How students can live luxuriously on a budget at university this academic year

    09/29/15 ,via The Independent

    The transition from home comforts to student living can be a difficult one. Sometimes, it can seem like you have a choice between running deep into your overdraft, or eating Spaghetti Hoops alone in your room. However, for new and returning students this ...

  • The Perfect Cafetiere Coffee In 50 Seconds

    09/28/15 ,via

    Even for the hardened coffee addicts out there, you won't want to miss this masterclass in how to perfect the art of cafetiere coffee! This tutorial shows you how to get the process right so you can get a great cup of coffee out of your cafetiere, in only ...

Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker at Brookstone—Buy Now!
Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker at Brookstone—Buy Now!
Cafetiere | Tableware and Dinnerware on Sale
Cafetiere | Tableware and Dinnerware on Sale

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