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  • 43% off Caller-ID Call Blocker For Robo-calls, Telemarketers and Other Nuisances - Deal Alert

    02/07/17 ,via InfoWorld

    Just hit the big red "block now" button and say goodbye to robocalls, telemarketer calls, solicitor calls, elections calls, junk faxes or anyone else you'd prefer not to hear from. This small and discreet gadget can also block international and private

  • Firm selling call-blocking devices fined £40000 - for NUISANCE phone calls

    01/29/17 ,via

    “They seemed devoid of any sense of irony in ringing a number registered with the TPS to sell a nuisance call blocker.” Another complained: “Alleged to be calling from BT to block unwanted calls at a cost of 45 pence a week. When challenged and 

  • Vodafone call blocker has stopped 100m nuisance calls

    02/08/17 ,via

    Vodafone says it has blocked more than 100m nuisance calls since introducing new barring technology six months ago.

  • Watchdog's mailbag: How to block annoying calls and get off mailing lists

    01/26/17 ,via Dallas News

    Let me take this opportunity to share that AT&T has released a free call blocker called A&T Call Protect. It's available to some wireless customers with iPhone or Android smartphones. The Watchdog hasn't tested it yet. I'm hesitant. Why? See next letter.

  • How to block robocalls to your cell phone

    02/08/17 ,via WXYZ

    In addition, the rise of VOIP (internet based) phone calls mean they can make millions of calls a day at no charge, where 10 years ago they would have to pay for each outgoing call. Add to that the overseas scammers pretending to be FBI or IRS agents 

Vitamin World Maximum Strength 3-in-1 Carb Blocker™

From Manufacturer's Label: Maximum Strength 3-in-1 Carb Blocker Neutralize Carbs* Enhance Digestion* Support Metabolism*Contains 75 liquid softgels. Manufactured by: Irwin Naturals

Puritan's Pride Irwin Naturals Maximum Strength 3 in 1 Carb Blocker-75 Softgels
Sports & Diet

From the Manufacturers Label: Neutralize Carbs Enhance Digestion Support Metabolism This product has been specifically designed for those who eat pasta, bread and other carbohydrate-rich foods. The triple-approach formula works to: Neutralize Starch Enzymes: White Kidney bean is an all-natural,...

Parent Units TV Guard Button Blocker for Flat Screen TVs & Monitors - 6" x 1
Health & Safety

America loves television and babies love to push those buttons; so naturally parents love our amazing button blockers that stop babies from pushing buttons! Best of all, remote controls remain operable for parents! This translucent front-mounting system is ideal for Large Televisions, Home...

$7.19 USA, LLC Call of Duty: Black Ops - Nintendo Wii
Video Game Titles

Seventh installment of the Call of Duty series, based on the live fire conflicts of the Cold War era. Diverse variety of play setting ranging from urban air and ground combat in SE Asia, to snow combat in Soviet region and jungle combat. Blending of traditional COD, and new first-person character...

$53.38 USA, LLC Call The Midwife: Season One (Widescreen)
Tv Shows

A moving, intimate, funny and, above all, true-to-life look at the colorful stories of midwifery and families in East London in the Fifties, based on the best-selling memoirs of the late Jennifer Worth. When Jenny Lee first arrives in Poplar, she knows nothing about hardship, poverty or indeed,...



  • Extreme Call Blocker l (PRO)

    . 2015.

    Extreme Call Blocker * 4 years and > 10,000 download and still improving. * If you have purchased invisible version before, we are offering an exchange to the regular version, please email us.Features: -- Password protected -- Backup/Restore to/from SD card or Dropbox cloud service, won't lose your numbers and messages when you uninstall and reinstall , or switch phones. -- Option to automatically erase all blocked calls from your phone's call log, all blocking events are saved in the app's...

  • The Best iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry Apps

    Vasanth Simon.
  • Android Tips and Tricks

    Que Publishing. 2016. ISBN: 9780134382302,0134382307. 544 pages.

    Unlock the Full Power of Your Android™ Smartphone or Tablet Discover hundreds of tips and tricks you can use right away with your Android device to get more done, and have more fun. You’ll learn how to use your Android smartphone or tablet as a powerful communication, organization, and productivity tool as well as a feature-packed entertainment device. You will dig deep into the settings and capabilities of both Android itself and the preinstalled apps, developing the knowledge and skills to...

  • ODROID Magazine

    Hardkernel, Ltd. 2014. 35 pages.

    Table of Contents 6 Liquid Cooling: XU3 Cluster and XU+E 9 OS Spotlight: Max2Play - Easily Control Your ODROID Via Web Interface 11 FS-UAE Amiga Emulator: Has Anybody Talked About the Coolest Computer Before ODROIDs? We Sure Like To! 12 ODROID-C1: A Powerful Raspberry Pi Replacement 15 ODROID-C1 vs. Raspberry Pi B+: Our Second Affordable Computer Showdown 17 Behind The Scenes: The Amazing Staff of Your Favorite Tech Magazine 18 GameCade: A Miniature Arcade Console with Authentic Controllers...

  • Occupied Earth

    Polis Books. 2015. ISBN: 9781940610573,1940610575. 352 pages.

    RESISTANCE IS ALL For years, writers and filmmakers have speculated about the possibility of the Earth being invaded by aliens from another planet. But what if the aliens have been watching us, infiltrating us via human collaborators, or even surgically altering themselves to look human? Occupied Earth is a groundbreaking anthology that explores the idea of what the world would look like years after its conquest. 20 years after a successful invasion by the Makh-Ra, humanity still exists, only...

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