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  • No VR for the Xbox One X, Amazon Echo gets call blocker feature

    06/13/17 ,via CNET

    In today's tech news, Microsoft's Xbox One X will not support virtual reality, Sony teases next year's Spider-Man game and Amazon finally adds call blocking to 

  • Major Wireless carriers help block annoying robocalls .com

    06/22/17 ,via WXYZ

    () - With millions of cell phone users bombarded by unwanted robocalls every day, the big cell phone carriers are finally taking notice. Verizon, AT&T and T 

  • What you need to know about blocking robocalls in 2017

    06/16/17 ,via Dallas News (blog)

    No, it's not your imagination. Robocalls to your home phone and cellphone are getting worse, not better. "You're exactly right," says Aaron Foss when The Watchdog tells him of my suspicion. Foss is the inventor of, the best call blocker

  • Amazon's Echo now lets you block unwanted callers

    06/12/17 ,via CNET

    A new calling feature was criticized for not allowing users to block people on their contact list from calling or messaging them.

  • Bonanza star Dan Block postmark planned at hometown O'Donnell post office

    06/23/17 ,via

    Harold Hohn of O'Donnell, although younger, knew Blocker and remembers him on the school campus. “He was a character at home, and liked joshing with people. Everybody was a buddy. We knew each other enough so that he would call me by my first 

Kobo U.S The Sugar Blockers Diet

This groundbreaking plan teaches readers to outsmart blood sugar spikes so they can eat the carbs they love and still lose weight. Starches are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to the nations weight problems. Starches spike blood sugar levels, which can make losing weight nearly...

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Kobo U.S Unlikely Allies: 8 Steps to Bridging Divides that Impact Leadership
Business & Finance

The level of venom, the intensity and frequency of the readers' rants in the daily newspaper compelled the publication's news reporter to call me for an interview. "Some of the language in the rants was so graphic, they were unsuitable for print," he said. Wow! They were talking about me. Have...

Kobo U.S DIOS, Por Qué? Ven y ve

Dios, por qué? Ven y ve… contesta preguntas difíciles en una manera cautivadora y esclarecedora. Estas respuestas hacen más fácil el confiar en DIOS y el amarlo, cuando lo veas a EL por QUIEN EL ES en verdad. Único en nuestro libro es el hecho que las mayorías de las preguntas son...

$10.99 USA, LLC Bonanza: Collection 1
Tv Shows

These are the Western adventure stories of the Cartwright family: father Ben (Lorne Greene), eldest son Adam (Pernell Roberts), middle son Hoss (Dan Blocker), and youngest son Little Joe (Michael Landon). Each born to one of Ben's three wives - none of whom are alive. The Cartwright boys work...



  • Safeguarding Adults

    Learning Matters. 2017. ISBN: 9781526425737,1526425734. 160 pages.

    Provides busy social work and health care practitioners with an accessible guide to adult safeguarding in the context of mental capacity and financial abuse. Drawing on evidence and contemporary examples from practice this book will help readers understand the new landscape of safeguarding adults since the implementation of the Care Act 2014 and the introduction of Adult Safeguarding Boards. There are chapters on the current political landscape of adult social work, specific issues and...

  • The Best iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry Apps

    Vasanth Simon.
  • Android Tips and Tricks

    Que Publishing. 2016. ISBN: 9780134382302,0134382307. 544 pages.

    Unlock the Full Power of Your Android™ Smartphone or Tablet Discover hundreds of tips and tricks you can use right away with your Android device to get more done, and have more fun. You’ll learn how to use your Android smartphone or tablet as a powerful communication, organization, and productivity tool as well as a feature-packed entertainment device. You will dig deep into the settings and capabilities of both Android itself and the preinstalled apps, developing the knowledge and skills to...

  • ODROID Magazine

    Hardkernel, Ltd. 2014. 35 pages.

    Table of Contents 6 Liquid Cooling: XU3 Cluster and XU+E 9 OS Spotlight: Max2Play - Easily Control Your ODROID Via Web Interface 11 FS-UAE Amiga Emulator: Has Anybody Talked About the Coolest Computer Before ODROIDs? We Sure Like To! 12 ODROID-C1: A Powerful Raspberry Pi Replacement 15 ODROID-C1 vs. Raspberry Pi B+: Our Second Affordable Computer Showdown 17 Behind The Scenes: The Amazing Staff of Your Favorite Tech Magazine 18 GameCade: A Miniature Arcade Console with Authentic Controllers...

  • U.S. News & World Report


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