Live Fire Gear 550 FireCord - Red

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Get more functionality from the paracord in your survival or outdoor supply pack withive Fire Gear 550 FireCord. The nextevel in outdoor preparedness, 550 FireCord serves all your outdoor cordage needs justike standard paracord, w


My Favorite Items/Best Gear -- Everyday Carry, Outdoor, Camping, Survival, Hunting, Knives & Guns

Check out the links below for my favorite/best Outdoor and Everyday Carry gear! Spyderco Assist [$85] - Benchmade Knife Jungle Clip ...


  • Make Your Own Camping Equipment

    Crescent Publishing Company. 1976. 168 pages.

    Includes patterns for making packs, tents, clothing, and sleeping bags.

  • PVC Projects for the Outdoorsman

    Paladin Press. 1999. ISBN: 9781610048361,1610048369.

    Learn how to make inexpensive and practical gear such as snowshoes, an equipment raft, shelters--including a teepee and a portable ground blind--a boot dryer and even a blowgun in your home workshop out of durable PVC pipe. Photos and easy-to-follow instructions show you how to construct more than 30 projects.

  • 6 Important Things You Must Know About Camping

    Lulu Press, Inc. 2015. ISBN: 9781329697584,1329697588.

    So let's assume you have never been camping before. How would you start camping? Where would you decide to spend your camping trip and how long would your camping trip last? Would you want to rent your camping equipment from an outdoor and camping retailer or would you be determined to have your own camping equipment? These are all important factors for a new camper to determine. You have undoubtedly seen movies depicting camping and maybe that is how you filled your mind with camping...

  • Making Camping Gear

    2016. ISBN: 1533100330,9781533100337. 32 pages.

    A guide and note book for making camping gear.

  • Camping

    Penguin. 2009. ISBN: 9780756657079,0756657075. 192 pages.

    Ensure your camping trip goes like a dream - stay dry, keep warm, eat great food and have fun! Whether you're a family camper or a novice backpacker this is the must-have camping companion. A comprehensive kit review enables you to choose the right tent, sleeping bag, stove, and everything else you need for your camping trip - wherever you're going, and to whatever degree you're roughing it. The how-to section shows you all the practical stuff you need to know to get the best out of your...

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