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Learn all about the benefits of different types of caravan awnings and how new technology is providing greater choice. See why awnings play such a large part ...

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  • Public Health Agency warn of dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning this summer

    07/23/17 ,via Derry Now

    Gas-powered fridges and lamps, for example, also need plenty of ventilation to prevent them producing poisonous carbon monoxide . Tents and awnings aren't generally designed with this in mind. Always have gas appliances in your caravan or boat serviced 

  • Motor News: First caravan for that staycation choice

    07/02/17 ,via Stroud News and Journal

    There's advice on extras, like extension mirrors, awnings and the like. There are useful checklists too. Yes, perhaps with all that's going on at the moment a staycation maybe an enticing choice. A good quality caravan or motorhome, that is well cared

  • Caravanner of the Year review – who knew awnings were divorce in a bag?

    04/21/16 ,via The Guardian

    As you might suppose, all awnings are different: the competition is open to motorhomes and vintage caravans. Keith and Angela don't even own an awning; they have to be supplied with one. Lest you consider this a disadvantage, bear in mind that Keith 

  • Everything you need to know about caravan awnings for 2016

    When it comes to caravan accessories, you don't need to buy an awning to have an incredible holiday, but it's a small price to pay when you think of the practical benefits you can get from one. Not only will you double your living area, you'll also add

  • Why it's in tents at Cornwall's unique new camping store Three Zero

    05/18/17 ,via Cornwall Live

    The Tent Room boasts an outdoor display area for up to 6 tents/awnings and a large indoor showroom that can also accommodate 6 more, so there's plenty for the potential camper to see and view. Owner Chris Jones said, "The most common thing we hear 


  • How to Improve & Modify Your Caravan

    Veloce Publishing Ltd. 2012. ISBN: 9781845843281,1845843282. 224 pages.

    This step-by-step, heavily illustrated guide shows the caravan owner and user how he or she can turn their caravan into a perfect and unique holiday retreat. Based on a magazine article format, this manual is easy to use and will help you create the caravan of your dreams.

  • Specification for Fire Safety Features of Camping Tents, Awnings, Trailer Tents and Caravan Awnings

    1998. ISBN: 0580289834,9780580289835. 4 pages.

    Camping equipment, Tents, Awnings, Trailers, Caravans, Fire safety, Fire risks, Fire-escape routes, Safety measures, Exits, Emergency exits, Marking, Signs, Warning devices, Dimensions, Cloth

  • Caravans

    Bloomsbury Publishing. 2018. ISBN: 9781350029941,1350029947. 192 pages.

    In Caravans, Hege Høyer Leivestad opens the caravan door to understand how daily life is organised among Britons and Swedes who have relocated, either seasonally or permanently, to mobile homes. Leivestad investigates how the caravan and campsite come to fit and challenge conventional domestic ideals, and how the static mobile caravan can nurture ideas of freedom even when it is standing still. With sensitivity and an awareness of the humour and pathos of the lives of her subjects, Leivestad...

  • The Routledge Handbook of Second Home Tourism and Mobilities

    Routledge. 2018. ISBN: 9781317193531,1317193539. 366 pages.

    Second homes have become an increasingly important component of both tourism and housing studies. They can directly and indirectly contribute a significant number of domestic and international visitors to destinations and may be part of longer-term retirement, lifestyle and amenity migration that can have significant economic and social effects on communities and destination development. This volume offers an overview of different disciplinary and methodological approaches to second homes...

  • Make the Most of Your Caravan: Teach Yourself

    Teach Yourself. 2014. ISBN: 9781473600027,1473600022. 240 pages.

    ***New and updated! *** Do you want to get maximum value and enjoyment out of your caravan? The open road, the freedom to leave on a whim, the comfort and convenience of a mobile home from home...A caravan makes a fantastic investment if you're looking for flexible, economical holidays. 'Make the Most of Your Caravan' will show you how to get maximum value and enjoyment out of yours. Offering practical advice on all aspects of caravanning, from the initial purchase to basic maintenance,...

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