Patio Pacific 04PP12 2 Endura Flap Pet Door for Walls Number 12 - Double Flap -Non Returnable

Seller: Walmart US Walmart US by Patio Pacific Patio Pacific

The award winning Endura Flap wall mount pet door is the most energy efficient wall mount on the market- It also is highly wind-resistant, has completely hidden hardware, has beefy aluminum extruded framing, is thoroughly built to last and backed by a superior 10 year warranty, with 15 years on the flap- 100% designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA- Dimensions: 30 inches L x 6 inches H...


The SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap

Stop intruder cats invading your home with a SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap. SureFlap cat flaps only unlock for your cat's implanted microchip or SureFlap RFID ...


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PetMate - Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap
PetMate - Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap

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