3dRose Red poppy flower among wheat crop, Tuscany, Italy - EU16 AJE0014 - Adam Jones, Ceramic Mug, 11-ounce

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3dRose Red poppy flower among wheat crop, Tuscany, Italy - EU16 AJE0014 - Adam Jones, Ceramic Mug, 11-ounce


Making the poppies - The Tower of London Remembers

In 2014 the Tower of London will be commemorating the centenary anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War through a major art installation, ...

Latest News

  • Weeping Window poppies 'boost Derby economy'

    07/23/17 ,via BBC News

    An exhibition featuring thousands of handmade ceramic poppies has had a "massive" cultural and economical impact on Derby, the city council says.

  • The Tower of London's sea of poppies will go on show at a Cardiff landmark this summer

    07/17/17 ,via WalesOnline

    Over the course of their time at the Tower of London, the two sculptures were gradually surrounded by a vast field of ceramic poppies, each one planted by a volunteer in memory of the life of a British and Colonial soldier lost during the First World War.

  • Belfast International Arts Festival needs volunteer 'poppy ...

    07/20/17 ,via Belfast Telegraph

    Volunteer poppy ambassadors are needed for a special event which is part of the Belfast International Arts Festival later this year.

  • Amazing Tower of London poppies go on display in Plymouth ...

    07/13/17 ,via Plymouth Herald

    Stunning poppies that captivated millions of people at the Tower of London will go on display on The Hoe next month. More than four million people from across 

  • Weymouth and Portland Mayor and Budmouth college students help create remembrance Spitfire for Library display

    07/18/17 ,via Dorset Echo

    The Spitfire will now become part of a larger display inspired by the ceramic poppy display at the Tower of London in 2014 which has already attracted global interest. The group of 300 community volunteers have now made more than 70,000 poppies to 


  • Poppy

    Reaktion Books. 2016. ISBN: 9781780237008,1780237006. 224 pages.

    Few weeds have been more successful throughout history than the poppy. Hated by farmers for its stubbornness, the poppy has been a favorite of artists and poets, due to its distinct and brilliant color, and it has functioned symbolically as everything from a war memorial to an emblem of the exotic cultures of the East. In this book, Andrew Lack explores all the aspects of one of our most familiar flowers, combining biology, history, and culture to paint a bright portrait of this fascinating...

  • Memory and Securitization in Contemporary Europe

    Springer. 2018. ISBN: 9781349952694,1349952699. 284 pages.

    The volume is the first study to explore the intersection of memory and securitisation in the European context. By analysing a variety of practices ranging from film to art and new media, the book expands the existing theoretical framework of securitisation. The authors consider memory as a precondition for contemporary integration projects such as the European Union, and also showcase how memory is used to stage international conflicts. Following this memory-securitisation nexus, the...

  • Remembrance Day and the Poppy

    Capstone. 2016. ISBN: 9781484627075,1484627075. 24 pages.

    "Describes the importance of Remembrance Day"--

  • War beyond Words

    Cambridge University Press. 2017. ISBN: 9781108293471,1108293476.

    What we know of war is always mediated knowledge and feeling. We need lenses to filter out some of its blinding, terrifying light. These lenses are not fixed; they change over time, and Jay Winter's panoramic history of war and memory offers an unprecedented study of transformations in our imaginings of war, from 1914 to the present. He reveals the ways in which different creative arts have framed our meditations on war, from painting and sculpture to photography, film and poetry, and...

  • Heritage in Action

    Springer. 2016. ISBN: 9783319428703,3319428705. 236 pages.

    In this textbook we see heritage in action in indigenous and vernacular communities, in urban development and regeneration schemes, in expressions of community, in acts of nostalgia and memorialization and counteracts of forgetting, in museums and other spaces of representation, in tourism, in the offices of those making public policy, and in the politics of identity and claims toward cultural property. Whether renowned or local, tangible or intangible, the entire heritage enterprise, at...

ceramic poppies - set of five - diam.5cm Large handmade red ceramic ...
ceramic poppies - set of five - diam.5cm Large handmade red ceramic ...
Large handmade red ceramic poppy - diam.10cm
Large handmade red ceramic poppy - diam.10cm
Poppy Shop Poppy Trio Ceramic Brooch - Jewellery
Poppy Shop Poppy Trio Ceramic Brooch - Jewellery

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