Travel Friends Children's Neck Pillow (4-8 Years)

Seller: Brookstone Brookstone by Brookstone Brookstone

Travel Friends--the innovative solution for providing your child with total head and neck support while on the go. Ideal for car, plane, or any other way you travel! This patented, unique head and neck support is designed for 4-8 year old children. Side rests are thicker in front to secure head in the headrest and offer gentle neck support. Double sided fabrics make Travel Friends comfortable...


Children playhouse bed with stairs

This childrens playhouse bed is an eye catching design kids will love!


  • The bed book

    HarperCollins Publishers. 1976. 40 pages.

    Describes various beds that are much more interesting than beds for sleeping, such as a jet-propelled bed, snack bed, pocket-size bed, and bounceable bed.

  • Bears in Beds

    Candlewick Press. 2015. ISBN: 9780763675103,0763675105. 32 pages.

    Features an audio read-along! It’s time for Big Brown Bear to tuck all four little bears into their beds. Then he’s ready to climb into his own bed and turn out the light. Five warm beds, holding five sleepy bears, until a sound goes whoosh in the middle of the night, and all the bears wake up in a fright. Will they ever get back into bed? Luckily, Big Brown Bear knows just what to do! A fun, rhyming read-aloud that parents will love and tired little cubs will be happy to snuggle up with.

  • Time for Bed

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 2005. ISBN: 0152053492,9780152053499. 28 pages.

    As darkness falls various animal parents get their children ready for sleep. On board pages.

  • Bed, Bed, Bed

    Simon and Schuster. 2003. ISBN: 9780743250245,0743250249. 48 pages.

    An illustrated collection of four original songs, with accompanying CD, "sequenced ... to help parents and kids find their way to slumberland."

  • No Jumping on the Bed!

    Dial. 2018. ISBN: 0803730446,9780803730441. 32 pages.

    Walter has been told not to jump on the bed, but he just can't resist. Higher and higher he bounces until the floor cracks and down he tumbles, bed and all, into the apartment below. And so begins the most exciting nighttime adventure of Walter's life. This wild and giddy book has been enthralling children for many years. Now it has been edited for an even younger audience, but it hasn't lost any of its humor and glee.

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  • George Clooney and Cindy Crawford in bed together -- nothing happened

    10/02/15 ,via New York Daily News

    George Clooney and Cindy Crawford wound up in bed together - by accident. And, nothing happened, he says. Crawford’s husband and kids were all there, and so was a whole lot of tequila. The supermodel’s husband, Rande Gerber, 53, is Clooney’s business ...

  • Texas Children's Hospital readies for kids with Ebola

    10/02/15 ,via

    Texas Children's Hospital in Houston is soon to unveil a newly constructed biocontainment wing with eight beds, as well as a separate area with 10 regular beds. The project cost $16 million and was covered by the hospital's capital funds and $1 million in ...

  • For Teens, Late Bedtime May Lead to Weight Gain

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    FRIDAY, Oct. 2, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- Teens may have a new reason to take their parents' advice and go to bed early. Staying up late on weeknights may increase a teen's risk of becoming overweight over time, a new study says. For the study, researchers ...

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