Sassy Mrs. Clause Wine Liquor Bottle Christmas Dress Outfit Funny Holiday Gift

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Give everyone what they really need during the Christmas season; a nice bottle of holiday cheer! Why struggle trying to wrap it or just slip it in a boring bag? This festive wine or liquor bottle outfit is sure to make it a gift they won't forget. Sassy Mrs. Clause's outfit will any bottle of vino from boring to bellissimo! - Mrs. Clause costume comes with hat & attached legs - Just slip dress...


Holiday Outfits! (Ice Skating, Shopping, New years eve + more!)

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE EVE!!!! :) and Happy Holidays! Love you guys :) xoxo, Beth My P.O Box! :) Bethany Mota 11420 Santa Monica Blvd. #25443 Los ...


  • A Dozen Ways to Sing Merry Christmas 2017. ISBN: 9781365437854,136543785X.

    The Smith 12 and their group Smashed to Smithereens are already quite famous and have a loyal following in the thousands if not millions by the summer of 2021 when their manager/agent; Rick Franklin, comes to them and their parents; Bill and Pamela Smith to set-up their latest concert-tour which will be a cross-country tour during the 2021 holiday season in which the duodecaplets will be performing songs; all the traditional Christmas songs in their own versions of said songs for their...

  • Christmas Sucks

    Simon and Schuster. 2008. ISBN: 9781440501173,1440501173. 160 pages.

    These days, Christmas lights adorn front porches before the Thanksgiving turkey is even in the oven. Plane tickets to visit hardly-missed relatives cost more than the suitcase full of presents people have to lug across the country. And radios everywhere play songs about that fat guy in a red suit on an endless loop. Yes, it’s official: Christmas Sucks. This title is a humorous look at America’s commercialization of the Christmas holiday season and the terrible travel, inordinate amount of...

  • Christmas Collectables

    Casemate Publishers. 2018. ISBN: 9781844680641,1844680649. 254 pages.

    ANTIQUES & COLLECTABLES. Christmas collectables are bought all year-round by dedicated collectors. There is a huge following for Father Christmas collectables whether it's snow globes or cake ornaments and the book is divided into chapters to reflect the wide array of goods available. Other areas include Christmas trees, vintage baubles and decorations. Many people only think to buy these goods at Christmas for use in their own home and the book will be released in late October take full...

  • Tanya's Christmas

    Bonnier Publishing Ltd.. 2017. ISBN: 9781911600480,1911600486. 256 pages.

    A beautiful celebration of Christmas from bestselling author Tanya Burr, crammed with festive recipes and craft projects. 'My wish for you all is to have the most wonderful Christmas imaginable and I hope this book becomes your go-to read for festive inspiration, not just for this Christmas but for all those magical ones to come. Love Tanya x' Tanya's Christmas is a pure celebration of the season. Within its pages, Tanya Burr shares everything you need to make the most of Christmas. From...

  • Santa's Rockin' Christmas Eve

    Alfred Music Publishing.

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