Christmas Pudding

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Plum puddings have long been a holiday tradition, dating back to the reign of King George I in the early 1700's. The word apluma was a universal reference to any dried fruit that was available, so often puddings were made with raisins rather than plums. This version of King George's pudding celebrates the dish's heritage with a modern twist using 12 varieties of fruit and peel. The symphony of...


How to make a christmas pudding with Curtis Stone - Coles

Curtis shows you how easy it is to make whip up an impressive Christmas pudding. For this and other recipes and tips from Curtis Stone go to ...


  • Christmas Pudding

    Fig Tree. 2017. ISBN: 0241342856,9780241342855. 192 pages.

    Christmas Day was organized by Lady Bobbin with the thoroughness and attention to detail of a general leading his army into battle. No one moment of enjoyment was left to chance. But even Lady Bobbin, superwoman though she might be, could not prevent the day by being marked with a great deal of crossness, much overeating, and a series of startling incidents. The battle opened with the Christmas stockings.

  • Christmas Pudding and Pigeon Pie

    Vintage. 2013. ISBN: 9780345806635,0345806638. 368 pages.

    Christmas Pudding and Pigeon Pie are two sparkling comedies from early in the career of Nancy Mitford, beloved author of The Pursuit of Love and Love in a Cold Climate, here published in one volume with a new introduction by Jane Smiley. In Christmas Pudding, an array of colorful characters converge on the hunt-obsessed Lady Bobbin’s country house, including her rebellious daughter Philadelphia, the girl’s pompous suitor, a couple of children obsessed with newspaper death notices, and an...

  • A Christmas Pudding

    Samuel French, Inc.. 2018. ISBN: 0573651256,9780573651250. 66 pages.

    Edited and adapted by David Birney / 3m., 3f., plus chorus 8 to 12 singers / Holiday Play with music /Simple Unit Set A Christmas celebration told in songs, stories, poems and tales by Dickens, Mark Twain, Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Shaw, Longfellow, St. Luke and many others collected with a host of traditional carols and holiday songs. This piece provides a perfect evening to warm hearts, stir memories and give laughter during the holiday season.

  • The Beltons' Christmas pudding

    1877. 92 pages.
  • Invasion of the Christmas Puddings

    Penguin UK. 2008. ISBN: 9780141906645,0141906642. 160 pages.

    'Tis the season to be jolly tra-la-la-la-la ... BUT WAIT! Father Christmas's EVIL brother, Bad Christmas, is plotting to take over the world. His poisonous Christmas puddings that turn humans into zombies are pouring through from The Other Side in their millions. Millions of Christmas puddings, all made of deadly sticky matter! But four children from Plumpot Primary have escaped the puddings. Are they in time to stop Bad Christmas and save the world? Prepare to be ... puddified!

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