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  • The Complete Beauty Bible

    Rodale. 2004. ISBN: 1579549993,9781579549992. 668 pages.

    Discover how to take beautiful care of your skin, apply makeup like a pro, and look your absolute best without spending a fortune. The complete beauty bible will guide you through all the latest research and current information about every imaginable cosmetic innovation.

  • Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me

    1998. ISBN: 1877988235,9781877988233. 754 pages.

    A consumer advocate rates and evaluates cosmetics, explains the types of ingredients they contain, and offers advice on skin care

  • Word of Mouse

    Business Plus. 2002. ISBN: 075952727X,9780759527270. 288 pages.

    At the vanguard of the Internet revolution are two computer scientists from Minnesota who are pioneers of Collaborative Filtering (CF). CF is a technology that enables companies to understand their customers and in turn sell products, goods, and services with remarkable success. To test CF, John Riedl and Joseph Konstan built two Internet sites, MovieLens and GroupLens, that allowed users to customize their preferences for movies and news. The results were astounding -- MovieLens demonstrated...

  • Smart Face

    Simon and Schuster. 1988. ISBN: 9780138143770,0138143773. 224 pages.

    If you want to have beautiful and healthy skin and are tired of spending money searching for that 'magic potion,' Smart Face will give you the inside track to saving money and saving face - regardless of your age. With the sound medical and consumer-produ

  • The Clinique


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