Internals of Quartz Clock Mechanisms

In this video I get a regular Quartz Wall Clock and open it up in order to better understand how it works. I go through every part of the mechanism and attempt to ...

Kobo U.S Introductory Guide to Repairing Mechanical Clocks
Clocks & Watches

This up-to-date, clearly written and beautifully illustrated book is targeted at the amateur repairer and at the absolute beginner with no experience, as well as at hobbyists who often dabble with, but have little knowledge of, the techniques used in quality horological repair work. Written by a...

$28.99 USA, LLC United States Air Force 14" Neon Clock
Sports Fan Shop

United States Air Force 14" Neon Clock: High polished chrome finish with molded resin housingFull color logo on the clock faceDouble-ringed neon (outside ring coordinates with printed logo and inside ring illuminates the clock face)Battery operated quartz clock mechanism (battery...

Pyramid 13.25" Wireless Analog Wall Clock

ODXA1013FeaturesReceives a wireless synchronization signal from the matching RF Transmitter (sold separately) with 128 channel 902 928MHz frequency-hopping technology Durable ABS frame and shatterproof polycarbonate lens for anti-glare viewing Extremely rigid body construction designed for...

Pyramid 16.97" Wireless Wall Clock

ODXA1010FeaturesDurable ABS frame and shatterproof polycarbonate lens for anti-glare viewing. Automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time and resets if power failure occurs. 128 Channel 902-928MHz frequency hopping technology. Receives a wireless synchronization signal from a Pyramid TimeTrax...

$188.99 USA, LLC 14" Double Ring Blue Neon Clock

14" Double Ring Neon Clock, Green Outer & White Inner Ring: Double-ringed neonHigh-grade glass coverBattery operated quartz clock mechanism (battery not included)A UL listed AC adapter is includedDimensions: 14" x 3"This 14" clock has a fun nostalgic design



  • Water Clock Mechanism

    2017. 83 pages.
  • Specifications and Drawings of Patents Issued from the United States Patent Office for ...

  • Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office

  • Fracture of Nano and Engineering Materials and Structures

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2008. ISBN: 1402049722,9781402049729. 1416 pages.

    The 16th European Conference of Fracture (ECF16) was held in Greece, July, 2006. It focused on all aspects of structural integrity with the objective of improving the safety and performance of engineering structures, components, systems and their associated materials. Emphasis was given to the failure of nanostructured materials and nanostructures including micro- and nano-electromechanical systems (MEMS and NEMS).

  • An Untuned Clock Mechanism of Special Design, Part I; an Experimental Study of the Motion of an Untuned Clock

    2017. 23 pages.

    An untuned clock mechanism with specially designed verge faces is described. This mechanism operates in a symmetric cycle in reference to leading and trailing faces of the verge. A study of this verge design indicates a probable minimizing of the effects of geometrical variations of the leading face, observed with normal verges. Part II of this report represents some experimental results on the motions of verge and starwheel in the equilibrium cycle. (Author).

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