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Thomas Jefferson's quotation ""I cannot live without books"" appears on a background of leather-bound volumes from his collection. The ceramic mug holds 12 ounces of your favorite beverage.


Langhorne Slim - "Coffee Cups"

Langhorne Slim performs his original song, "Coffee Cups". Filmed @ Cabin Country Headquarters, Nashville, TN. Video by Zachary Dyke, Logo by Kristen Beck.


  • British Tea and Coffee Cups

    Shire Publications. 2009. ISBN: 0747806950,9780747806950. 48 pages.

    Tea and coffee cups have been made in Britain since the middle of the eighteenth century and can be found in a vast array of decorative designs, reflecting the changing fashions of society as well as the advances made in the manufacturing process. This book charts the development of tea and coffee cups over 200 years, providing information on the methods of decoration, influential factories and designers. Steven Goss guides the reader on how to identify the dates of particular patterns, as...

  • 52 Cups of Coffee

    CreateSpace. 2014. ISBN: 150060206X,9781500602062. 254 pages.

    In Megan Gebhart's senior year of college, she started a project in which she talked to someone she didn't know over a cup of coffee once a week for a year. Her project was so successful, she traveled for 14 months having conversations with cultural leaders, business people, a first-grader, fellow travelers and many others before returning to San Francisco and consolidating her interviews into a book.

  • Tim Horton

    Fitzhenry & Whiteside Limited. 2010. ISBN: 1554550467,9781554550463. 72 pages.

    Follows the career of the Canadian hockey star who led the Toronto Maple Leafs to four Stanley Cups in spite of his weak eyesight and helped found a chain of doughnut shops that still exists before dying in an automobile crash at the age of 44.

  • --of Coffee Cups and Cigarettes 1991. ISBN: 9780797410336,0797410333. 59 pages.
  • Everyday Innovators

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2006. ISBN: 1402035101,9781402035104. 238 pages.

    Everyday Innovators explores the active role of people, collectively and individually, in shaping the use of information and communication technologies. It examines issues around acquiring and using that knowledge of users, how we should conceptualise the role of users and understand the forms and limitations of their participation. To what extent should we think of users as being innovative and creative? To what extent is this routine or exceptional, confined to particular group of users or...

keep thinking that we need to start a Coffee Party, as a robust ...
keep thinking that we need to start a Coffee Party, as a robust ...
equipment coffee tea china coffee cup with black gold rim
equipment coffee tea china coffee cup with black gold rim
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