Langhorne Slim - "Coffee Cups"

Langhorne Slim performs his original song, "Coffee Cups". Filmed @ Cabin Country Headquarters, Nashville, TN. Video by Zachary Dyke, Logo by Kristen Beck.

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  • A Photographer Documents Discarded NYC Coffee Cups in “Morning Joe”

    01/11/17 ,via Untapped Cities

    A coffee cup manages to stay put within the spokes of a locked bicycle wheel in “Wheels Up” while another fits perfectly between two pipes in “Pipe Dream.” In “Cream 2 Sugars,” a cup sits atop a piece of infrastructure on which someone has put a pair

  • 8 best reusable coffee cups

    01/05/17 ,via The Independent

    There are many benefits of having your own reusable coffee cup, rather than using countless disposable ones for your caffeine fixes. For one, keeping and reusing one mug is obviously better for the environment than chucking away ones you get from the 

  • Now You Can Own the NASA-Certified Space Coffee Cup

    01/04/17 ,via Discover Magazine (blog)

    Years later, IRPI's Mark Weislogel heard that the Italian Space Agency was sending an espresso machine to the ISS — called the ISSPresso — after Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano said in an interview that she missed a good cup of coffee. Weislogel saw

  • Best Film and TV mistakes - Gilmore Girls coffee cups change colour ...

    01/20/17 ,via Radio Times

    We know Lorelai and Rory Gilmore like their coffee strong but there must be something special in the brew the two are drinking because they don't even notice 

  • How Your Coffee Tastes Can Change Based On The Cup You Drink It From

    01/07/17 ,via Refinery29

    Subjects in all three countries expected coffee in shorter and narrower cups to be more bitter, more aromatic, and more intense. They expected cups with a wider diameter to be sweeter. Subjects from Colombia and the U.K. were willing to pay more for

Starbucks Store Online 10-Cup Coffee Brewer by Krups

A programmable coffee machine with precision control for brewing the perfect cup.

$119.95 USA, LLC Bonavita Coffee 8 Cup Coffee Maker with Stainless Steel Lined Carafe

BVTA1010FeaturesPowerful and precise 1400-watt heater maintains optimal brewing temperature of 195 -205 F (91 -96 C)One-touch brew operationDurable, stainless steel lined thermal carafe keeps coffee warmCarafe lid, filter basket, and showerhead are dishwasher safe and all plastic is...

$169.99 USA, LLC Melitta Ready Set Joe One Cup Coffee Maker

MLT2045FeaturesTop rack dishwasher safeIncludes 12 oz mugProduct Type: Pour Over Coffee MakersColor: BlackMaterial: Plastic DimensionsOverall Height - Top to Bottom: 7.63"Overall Width - Side to Side: 4.38"Overall Depth - Front to Back: 5"Overall Product Weight: 1.2 lbs

Meat Processing Products Nesco 30 Cup Coffee Urn
Kitchen Appliances

You are viewing one of the outstanding items in the Nesco line. We carry a full line of top quality Nesco products. Call customer service at 877-231-8589 for any questions you have about this outstanding product.

$64.51 USA, LLC Personal Single Cup Coffee Maker - 1 Pkg

Personal Single Cup Coffee Maker Features dishwasher safe brew basket, built-in stand for brewing into standard coffee mugs and also can brew 14 oz. mugs or travel mugs. Includes 18 Melitta coffee pods.



  • 52 Cups of Coffee

    CreateSpace. 2014. ISBN: 150060206X,9781500602062. 254 pages.

    In Megan Gebhart's senior year of college, she started a project in which she talked to someone she didn't know over a cup of coffee once a week for a year. Her project was so successful, she traveled for 14 months having conversations with cultural leaders, business people, a first-grader, fellow travelers and many others before returning to San Francisco and consolidating her interviews into a book.

  • Coins in the Coffee Cup

    2015. ISBN: 1941541518,9781941541517. 274 pages.

    Harrison Healy is a seventeen-year-old boy with a side of depression. Not a seventeen-year-old boy with depression. With his parents dead, his sister gone and a best friend who committed suicide from an overwhelming flood of sadness - he's doing okay. Now, he's just stuck with two people who can't stand the sight of him and five friends who try to make his life a little better. While stumping through his every day average-depressed-gay-kid-teen-life in his final senior year, he discovers...

  • Over the Coffee Cups

    2017. 34 pages.
  • Everyday Innovators

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2006. ISBN: 1402035101,9781402035104. 238 pages.

    Everyday Innovators explores the active role of people, collectively and individually, in shaping the use of information and communication technologies. It examines issues around acquiring and using that knowledge of users, how we should conceptualise the role of users and understand the forms and limitations of their participation. To what extent should we think of users as being innovative and creative? To what extent is this routine or exceptional, confined to particular group of users or...

  • The Magic Cup

    Center Street. 2016. ISBN: 9781455538997,145553899X. 144 pages.

    We all love the fairy tales we grew up on, creating a world in which good always wins over evil, where those whose hearts are true and who do the right thing come out on top. But, grown-up competition for success is rough, even cutthroat, and we've often heard that nice guys finish last. Not according to Howard Behar, whose career as one of the three leaders who built the Starbucks organization most definitely proves that nice guys finish first. In THE MAGIC CUP, Behar spins an engaging...

keep thinking that we need to start a Coffee Party, as a robust ...
keep thinking that we need to start a Coffee Party, as a robust ...
equipment coffee tea china coffee cup with black gold rim
equipment coffee tea china coffee cup with black gold rim
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