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About Vintage Costume Jewelry Designers

Take a tour of vintage jewelry designers. Chanel, Carnegie, Boucher, K J Lane, Haskell, Florenza, Hobe, Vendome, Trifari, Josef, Eisenberg, Weiss, Schiaparelli, ...


  • Costume Jewellery

    Antique Collectors Club Limited. 1997. 256 pages.

    Costume jewellery has a status and appeal entirely its own. Cera presents a guide to over 200 key pieces ranging from Art Nouveau to the 1960s, along with brief biographies of the craft's foremost designers and manufacturers.

  • POCKET COLLECTIBLES: Costume Jewelry

    Penguin. 2007. ISBN: 9780756641795,0756641799. 448 pages.

    Covering all the major designers and styles from the 1920s through the present day, Pocket Collectibles: Costume Jewlery features unsigned pieces, hot collecting trends, and spotlights major designers. Pocket Collectibles: Costume Jewlery covers major "Golden Era" designers and includes an A-Z list of other designers. This guide features detailed captions for enthusiasts and collectors.

  • Costume jewellery

    2018. 63 pages.
  • Vintage Costume Jewellery

    Antique Collectors Club Limited. 2018. ISBN: 1851495118,9781851495115. 223 pages.

    You've seen them in wonderful old movies, sparkling on Audrey Hepburn, Joan Crawford and Claudette

  • Commodity study on costume jewellery

    1965. 45 pages.

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