Whetstone Cutlery Stripeger Kunai Throwing Knives Set

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Cuisinart Nonstick-Edge Cutlery Set with Acrylic Stand (C77NS-7P) Demo Video

Learn more: http://www.cuisinart.com/products/cutlery/classic_nonstick_edge_collection/c77ns-7p.html The Cuisinart Nonstick-Edge Collection offers blades ...


  • A Cutlery Set for Stroke

    2018. 148 pages.

    Stroke is a common problem that affects approximately 700,000 patients annually in the United States alone and can cause long-term disabilities (Mallory, 2006, p.33). The long-term effects of a stroke can impact on the patient's ability to use one side of their body. Upper limb, lower limb, postural and communication difficulties are common factors that patients experience after a stroke (Perry, 2004), which can affect the patient's ability to eat (McLaren, 1997). After a stroke, the...

  • Consider the Fork

    Basic Books. 2012. ISBN: 9780465033324,0465033326. 352 pages.

    nating history, Wilson reveals the myriad innovations that have shaped our diets today. An insightful look at how we’ve changed food and how food has changed us, Consider the Fork reveals the astonishing ways in which the implements we use in the kitchen affect what we eat, how we eat, and how we relate to food.

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  • A Guide to 3rd Reich Cutlery, Its Monograms, Logos, and Maker Marks

    Trafford Publishing. 2010. ISBN: 9781426926785,1426926782. 376 pages.

    The cutlery spoons, knives, and forks of Germany's 3rd Reich communicates its own special history. In A Guide to 3rd Reich Cutlery, its Monograms, Logos, and Maker Marks, author James A. Yannes provides a detailed and heavily illustrated reference book containing extensive and relative historical exposition on a broad range of personal, organizational, and commemorative cutlery of the 3rd Reich beginning in the early 1920s to its demise in 1945. Augmented with more than 430 photographs, A...

  • Copyrighting Creativity

    Routledge. 2016. ISBN: 9781317159582,1317159586. 224 pages.

    What is the relationship between creativity, cultural heritage institutions and copyright? Who owns culture and cultural heritage? The digital age has expanded the horizon of creative possibilities for artists and cultural institutions - what is the impact on legal regimes that were constructed for an analogue world? What are the tensions between the safeguarding of cultural heritage and the dissemination of knowledge about culture? Inspired by a three year research project involving leading...

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