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Desk Makeover: DIY Organization + My Essentials!

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  • Having Your Phone on Your Desk or in Your Bag Can Affect Brainpower, Study Shows

    08/02/17 ,via

    Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin conducted the study via two experiments in undergraduate college students. For the first experiment, they had over 500 students randomly assigned to either keep their smartphones face-down on their

  • Relationships Still Reign On Bond Trading Desks, But Change Is Occurring

    08/02/17 ,via ValueWalk

    While leadership on bond trading desks hasn't materially changed over the last decade – bulge bracket banks and their large balance sheets still dominate – there are new dynamics propelling smaller regional firms to compete. Kevin McPartland, head of 

  • These teachers say desks are bad for learning. What they're using instead

    07/31/17 ,via Indianapolis Star

    These modern classrooms are popping up in schools statewide, as more and more teachers ditch desks while getting their room ready for the quickly approaching first day of school. While each room looks a bit different, depending on teacher and students' 

  • Digico desks handle huge channel count on Hans Zimmer tour

    Britannia Row Productions has designed and supplied an audio control system centred around two Digico mixing consoles for Hans Zimmer's current tour. Designed by Brit Row's Lez Dwight and FoH engineer for the tour – Colin Pink (pictured above) – along 

  • Smart desks watch you work, but who's keeping tabs?

    07/21/17 ,via Seattle Times

    The desk of the future knows you, perhaps all too well. It's a sit-or-stand desk, of course, outfitted with sensors that learn your habits and preferences through constant vigilance. When you've been sitting too long, a gentle vibration reminds you to


  • Tables and Desks

    Time Life Education. 1994. ISBN: 0809495120,9780809495122. 144 pages.

    Geared to amateur and intermediate woodworkers, this series covers everything from using a handsaw to refinishing an antique. Full-color illustrations and step-by-step instructions show how to perform specific woodworking tasks.

  • Wooton patent desks

    1983. 94 pages.
  • Our Eleventh Illustrated Catalogue of Shelbyville Desks and Office Furniture of Our Own Distinct Design

    52 pages.
  • Front Desk

    Scholastic Inc.. 2018. ISBN: 9781338157802,1338157809. 304 pages.

    Inside Out and Back Again meets Millicent Min, Girl Genius in this timely, hopeful middle-grade novel with a contemporary Chinese twist.

  • Accounting Desk Book

    Aspen Publishers. 2018. ISBN: 0130844713,9780130844712. 712 pages.

    This classic top seller provides the answers on scores of new accounting and tax questions in auditing, internal control and more. An everyday instant answer book, this should be on the desk of every accountant and tax professional.

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  • You’re going to see God’: Oregon killer quizzed victims on religion before shooting

    10/02/15 ,via Canada

    Students told of hiding between desks and huddling in darkness as the shooter methodically sought out victims. “There’s a shooter! Run! Run! Get out of there!” groups of students screamed as they ran out of the building. Some hid under cars or tried ...

  • Gold Falls Ahead of U.S. Jobs Data

    10/02/15 ,via Wall Street Journal

    Thin trading volumes from Asia wasn't helping gold’s cause. Chinese traders and investors were away from their desks for a week long holiday. China and India together account for more than 50% of global gold demand. Asian buyers typically enter the ...

  • Science-Backed Advice on How to Stop Sitting All Day

    10/02/15 ,via The Huffington Post

    Out of those 38 methods, 23 of them were found to be effective. Among those techniques: Including sit-stand desks at work Tracking the amount of time sitting Setting goals for limiting sitting time Using cues or reminders to stop sitting Educating people ...

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