Black Watch Shawl Collar Dinner Jacket

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Five Ways To Wear: The Dinner Jacket -- MR PORTER

MR PORTER's Style Director, Mr Dan May, presents a quintet of eveningwear options. Read & Shop The Story:


  • The Dinner Jacket Poems

    AuthorHouse. 2013. ISBN: 9781491817261,1491817267. 204 pages.

    THE DINNER JACKET POEMS the CHANTILCLEER POET JEFF WAYNE-PATRICK RUSSELL Jeff Wayne-Patrick Russell aka the Chantilcleer poet starts his Dinner Jacket Poems with a boyhood visit to his grandmother’s apartment in Glendale, CA where he’s fascinated by the Knockittttty, knock knocks of woodpeckers pecking on telephone poles in her neighborhood. With “yells of silence” he takes us on a quest to the “streets of Gold” where he “dreams of a Coliseum in Eternity.” The pilgrim does not travel alone....

  • Elephants and dinner-jackets

    1989. 113 pages.
  • The White Dinner Jacket

    2016. ISBN: 1539855503,9781539855507. 320 pages.

    Alan Thomas Palmer wouldn't be caught dead in a white dinner jacket. That is a rule breaker for someone who enjoyed anonymity. Always one to embrace routine, the former bookkeeper was ready to settle into what he hoped would be a well-ordered retirement in Berkeley. But it was not to be. When an invitation requesting formal attire arrived, he visited his sister's vintage clothing store hoping to find a black tuxedo. Instead, he was urged to try on a classic white dinner jacket that fit him...

  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Business Etiquette

    Penguin. 2018. ISBN: 0028636155,9780028636153. 280 pages.

    Business manners in and out of the boardroom are stressed here, with practical etiquette advice on e-mail, faxes, international travel, pagers, and cellular phones, as well as the latest dope on how to prooperly shake hands, address a new business acquaintance, and talk on the phone. Original.

  • The Delineator


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