Black Watch Shawl Collar Dinner Jacket

Seller: Brooks Brothers Brooks Brothers

The Brooks Brothers original, tailored from elegant wool woven in Italy. Favored for its relaxed fit, natural shoulders. 1-button shawl collar, center vent. Dry clean. Made in the USA.


Five Ways To Wear: The Dinner Jacket -- MR PORTER

MR PORTER's Style Director, Mr Dan May, presents a quintet of eveningwear options. Read & Shop The Story:


  • Napkin Folding for Every Occasion

    Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.. 2005. ISBN: 1402728026,9781402728020. 128 pages.

    A well-dressed table is incomplete without an expertly folded napkin adorning each diner's place. There are dozens of lovely shapes suitable for any occasion - choose from a Roll with Tip, the Ice Bird and Lying Lily to the Shell. The simple instructions and detailed drawings can be applied to fabric or everyday paper napkins.

  • The Dinner Jacket Poems

    AuthorHouse. 2013. ISBN: 9781491817261,1491817267. 204 pages.

    THE DINNER JACKET POEMS the CHANTILCLEER POET JEFF WAYNE-PATRICK RUSSELL Jeff Wayne-Patrick Russell aka the Chantilcleer poet starts his Dinner Jacket Poems with a boyhood visit to his grandmother’s apartment in Glendale, CA where he’s fascinated by the Knockittttty, knock knocks of woodpeckers pecking on telephone poles in her neighborhood. With “yells of silence” he takes us on a quest to the “streets of Gold” where he “dreams of a Coliseum in Eternity.” The pilgrim does not travel alone....

  • The White Dinner Jacket

    2016. ISBN: 1539855503,9781539855507. 320 pages.

    Alan Thomas Palmer wouldn't be caught dead in a white dinner jacket. That is a rule breaker for someone who enjoyed anonymity. Always one to embrace routine, the former bookkeeper was ready to settle into what he hoped would be a well-ordered retirement in Berkeley. But it was not to be. When an invitation requesting formal attire arrived, he visited his sister's vintage clothing store hoping to find a black tuxedo. Instead, he was urged to try on a classic white dinner jacket that fit him...

  • Realism

    Taschen. 2017. ISBN: 3822829420,9783822829424. 95 pages.

    Detailed introduction to realism with 30 photographs plus timeline of most important political, cultural, scientific and sporting events. Body of books contains 35 of most important works with artist biographies.

  • Continental Drift

    CRC Press. 2000. ISBN: 0750306866,9780750306867. 228 pages.

    Continental Drift: Colliding Continents, Converging Cultures is as much an account of the impressions Western culture made on Constantin Roman as a young researcher from behind the Iron Curtain as a personal history of the developing new science of plate tectonics. The book elucidates the author's struggles against a web of bureaucracy to secure his rights in the free world while exploring historical events. A refined observer of the contrast of cultures between East and West, Roman's...

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