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The PN Junction. How Diodes Work? (English version)

The PN Junction. Developed under Teaching Innovation Project 11-293 of Universidad de Granada (Spain) Creative Commons By-NonCommercial-NonDerivs.

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  • Diode In Starter Solenoid?

    07/29/17 ,via StangNet.com

    My nephew has installed a 1995- 5.0 HO in his '65 Galaxie, opting to go with the efi instead of carbureting it. Somewhere long ago, I heard, read, somehow was told, Ford had started placing a diode INSIDE the fender-mounted starter solenoid to protect

  • TRUMPF demonstrates 4kW high-brilliance direct-diode laser

    Based on dense wavelength multiplexing (DWM) technology, the 4kW direct-diode laser offers 5 mm/mrad beam quality, enabling connection to a fiber cable with a 150µm core diameter. Commercially available direct-diode lasers in the high-power segment 

  • United States Rectifier Diode Market 2017 By Key Manufacturers – Pan Jit International, Toshiba, Rohm and Vishay

    07/28/17 ,via Incredible News 24

    United States Rectifier Diode market 2017 Research Report offers a replete and diligent analysis of the growth rate of the Rectifier Diode industry.This report scrutinize current market trends, future growth potential, dominant market growth drivers

  • Single-diode licence light

    07/13/17 ,via Today's Trucking News

    Peterson's new 290 Series LED licence/utility light incorporates a single-diode Great White LED in a compact, rugged design. The 290 Series offerings are available as low-profile utility/auxiliary lights measuring just 3 by 0.6 inches, or as legal

  • RF PIN Diode Market – Global Industry Size, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2021

    07/31/17 ,via Technology News Extra

    The market report, titled as RF PIN Diode Market, is an exploratory survey performed on the basis of global market, which scrutinizes the ruthless framework of the overall industry all across the world. Made by using accomplished systematic techniques


  • Diode characteristics from junction impedance measurements

    1967. 142 pages.

    Reverse bias impedance measurements were made on GaAs epitaxial diodes and on diffused Silicon diodes in the frequency range from 89 MHz to 245 MHz. The results were used to calculate the depletion region capacitance, the impurity atom profile, and the electric field profile of the junctions. The peak electric field at the start of avalanche breakdown was found to be about 5.3 x 100,000 v/cm for the GaAs diodes and approximately 2.5 x 100,000 v/cm for the Silicon diffused diodes. The change...

  • A Semiconductor-diode Parametric Amplifier at Microwave Frequencies

    2018. 132 pages.
  • Laser Diode Microsystems

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2013. ISBN: 9783662082492,3662082497. 334 pages.

    Laser Diode Microsystems provides the reader with the basic knowledge and understanding required for using semiconductor laser diodes in optical microsystems and micro-optical electromechanic systems. This tutorial addresses the fundamentals of semiconductor laser operation and design, coupled with an overview of the types of laser diodes suitable for use in Microsystems, along with their distinguishing characteristics. Emphasis is placed on laser diode characterization and measurement as...

  • Silicon Zener Diode and Rectifier Handbook

    1961. 232 pages.
  • Electronic Devices

    Technical Publications. 2008. ISBN: 8184314205,9788184314205. 423 pages.

    Semiconductor DiodeTheory of p-n Junction - p-n junction as diode - p-n diode currents - Volts -amp characteristics - Diode resistance - Temperature effect of p-n junction - Transition and diffusion capacitance of p-n diode - Diode switching times. Bipolar Transistor Junction transistor - Transistor construction - Detailed study of currents in transistor - Input and output characteristics of CE, CB and CC configurations - Transistor hybrid model for CE configuration - Analytical expressions...

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