18 Volt Drills Review - Which is best in test?

Roger performs an exhaustive test on a variety of different spec 18 volt cordless combination drills to find out how different seemingly similar 18 volt drills can be.


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  • Golf Digest's Ultimate Drill Book

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    Elevate your golf game with the innovative, high-impact drills the pros use, from renowned instructor Jim McLean. To golfers of all proficiency levels, skills and drills go hand in hand. Jim McLean is one of the greatest living teachers of the game and in Golf Digest’s Ultimate Drill Book he includes 120 precision golf exercises to address a wide array of concerns. From tee shots to the short game, readers can customize practice sessions depending on their unique trouble spots. Revealing his...

  • Tennis Drill Book 2nd Edition , The

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    The Tennis Drill Book covers every aspect of the game, with the best drills for groundstrokes, volleys, serves, returns, singles and doubles play, offensive and defensive strategy, and conditioning. More than 260 drills and games to ace the competition!

  • Golf Digest's Book of Drills

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    Top college baseball coaches offer drills for players at all levels. Focuses on hitting, baserunning, fielding, pitching, and catching.

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