Old Modern Handicrafts NG014 16 Globe Drink Cabinet in Brown

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This is a beautiful globe drinks cabinet. This globe will make a fine gift or decoration for your home or office. It features four sections in the interior to store wine bottles and glassware. Under the lid youll find interesting antique replica frescoes. In addition, the outer surface is imprinted with an antique nautical world map. This globe is turn-able and comes with a dark wood base. Come...


Jeremy's Drinks Cabinet - Top Gear - BBC

Jeremy Clarkson shows off the nifty drinks cabinet which slots into the boot of his car! James May, however, has nothing of the sort in his Panda... Go to ...


  • GQ Drinks

    Mitchell Beazley. 2014. ISBN: 9781784720162,178472016X. 224 pages.

    The anticipated follow-up to GQ Eats, this ultimate drinks book features creations from bar legends such as Salvatore Calabrese as well as innovative mixes from new talent from the UK's best bars. As well as over 120 recipes for classic and cutting-edge cocktails, you will also find inside tips such as which are the best brands to use for the perfect G+T. A special section on hardware covers the glasses to use and the shakers that are worth spending money on.

  • The Separation

    Oberon Books. 2015. ISBN: 9781783198597,1783198591. 80 pages.

    ‘Do you know what they call someone who doesn’t drink, by the way, the Irish...? A pioneer. Isn’t that gas? A pioneer. Like you’re discovering a new continent.’ On a Friday night in Dublin, Stephen Hanrahan ushers a young female colleague in from the summer rain to what was once his marital home. He’s ready to work his magic. But Stephen’s estranged wife and wayward daughter are about to crash back into his living room and his life, casting a history of repressed truths and painful secrets...

  • Bartlett's Roget's Thesaurus

    Little Brown & Company. 2003. ISBN: 0316735876,9780316735872. 1456 pages.

    An updated edition of Roget's word-finder reorganizes it according to new, more modern subject categories, features 350,000 entries, and contains hundreds of example quotations from throughout history

  • Real Gangster Play The Game Of Blood Sacrifice

    Lulu.com. ISBN: 9789810810573,9810810571.
  • Another form of Democracy

    Author House. 2012. ISBN: 1467884057,9781467884051. 316 pages.

    Richard Grant is a Chief Constable in an English County Police Force. He is married with two children and, after a very successful career, he dreams of the good times to come, when he retires. His dreams are shattered when his wife and family are killed and he finally leaves the Police Service to go into private security. He is hounded by an al-Qaeda terrorist who has vowed to kill him. This terrorist plans and executes an atrocity greater than that of the World Trade Centre, for, in one fell...

Plum Small Drinks Cabinet - Halo Living
Plum Small Drinks Cabinet - Halo Living
Plum Small Drinks Cabinet - Halo Living
Plum Small Drinks Cabinet - Halo Living
Plum Small Drinks Cabinet - Halo Living
Plum Small Drinks Cabinet - Halo Living

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