UniFlame EWUR730SP Northgate Floor Lamp Electric Heater

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This patio heater is easy to use - just plugs right in and it provides instant radiant heat It is decorative and is a beautiful accent to your outdoor room rather and a utilitarian centerpiece like most patio heaters.Heats Up To a 12 Foot Circle Safety Tilt Switch 8 Foot Cord Weather Resistant Hardware CSA Certified 1,200W Halogen Bulb (Equivalent to approx. 4,095 BTUs) Uses a Standard 120V...


Relaxing Electric Heater ASMR Fan Sound White Noise

Electric Heater smooth Sound for Relaxing and Sleeping. Fan White Noize, Stereo 3D.


  • Electric Heater for the Heat Treatment of Synthetic Fibers

    1970. 4 pages.
  • Electric Heater for Nuclear Fuel Rod Simulators


    The present invention is directed to an electric cartridge-type heater for use as a simulator for a nuclear fuel pin in reactor studies. The heater comprises an elongated cylindrical housing containing a longitudinally extending helically wound heating element with the heating element radially inwardly separated from the housing. Crushed cold-pressed preforms of boron nitride electrically insulate the heating element from the housing while providing good thermal conductivity. Crushed...


  • Electrical Wiring Residential

    Cengage Learning. 2004. ISBN: 1401850197,9781401850197. 677 pages.

    The 15th edition of this resource is completely updated to the 2005 National Electrical Code, and provides the necessary foundation for learning all aspects of house wiring that meets code. This book explains and follows the NEC using the metric system, and presents ample electrical formulas that electricians need to know to be successful and competent on-the-job.

  • Annual Report of the Commissioner of Patents


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