Why to Buy an Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Todd Hobin demonstrates some beautiful acoustic-electric guitars: Breedlove Atlas Stage D25, Washburn, Yamaha Series A, and DeMars Viridis. For more like ...


  • Guitar Chords & Scales (Music Instruction)

    Hal Leonard Corporation. 2003. ISBN: 9781476859125,1476859124. 56 pages.

    (Guitar Educational). This book for both acoustic and electric guitarists is designed to be a handy guide to the two most important components of playing: chords and scales. More than just a reference, it will also help you understand how chords and scales are created, named and used, and how they are related to each other. Includes over 1,400 chord diagrams; major, minor, pentatonic, blues and diminished scales; and modes. Teaches how to understand intervals and build major, minor,...

  • Acoustic Guitars

    Chartwell Books. 2018. ISBN: 9780760363614,0760363617. 320 pages.

    Acoustic Guitars: The Illustrated Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive guide of its type ever produced, covering decades of great instruments and the people who played them. You will find here the highest quality photos of acoustic guitars produced by every significant maker, from Alvarez to Zemaitis, plus detailed information, and a host of action pictures of important players from pop, rock, jazz, country classical, blues, and folk. An acoustic guitar need not be a simple brown box with a...

  • Tipbook Acoustic Guitar

    Hal Leonard Corporation. 2018. ISBN: 9076192375,9789076192376. 128 pages.

    The reference manual for both beginners and advanced guitar players, including Tipcodes and a glossary.

  • Guild Guitars

    Pro Am Music Resources. 1995. ISBN: 0933224788,9780933224780. 124 pages.
  • Building Electric Guitars

    Koch Martin. 2001. ISBN: 3901314075,9783901314070. 236 pages.

    Everything from the first steps of design to the final set-up of of solid-body, hollow-body and semi-acoustic electric guitars is covered step by step in this book. It also contains a section about winding your own pickups.

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