Ezekiel Bread vs. Whole Wheat Bread

http://www.deanbokhari.com On today's Wellness Tip, Dean explains the benefits of choosing Ezekiel Bread over Whole Wheat Bread. GET IT HERE: ...


  • Bloodtypes, Bodytypes, and You

    Charisma Media. 2013. ISBN: 9781599793078,1599793075. 336 pages.

    Why do some diets produce life-changing results for some people but not for others? World-renowned health and fitness coach Dr. Joe Christiano updates his tested and proven weight-loss program based on the simple concept that your blood type-O, A, B, or AB-determines your body's ability to absorb nutrients, fight off disease, and lose weight. Revised to include protocols for detoxification and address healthy colon function, this updated edition explains how a well-balanced eating plan based...

  • Bread Revolution

    Ten Speed Press. 2014. ISBN: 9781607746522,1607746522. 256 pages.

    Renowned baking instructor, and author of The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, Peter Reinhart explores the cutting-edge developments in bread baking, with fifty recipes and formulas that use sprouted flours, whole and ancient grains, nut and seed flours, alternative flours (such as teff and grape skin), and allergy-friendly and gluten-free approaches. A new generation of bakers and millers are developing innovative flours and baking techniques that are designed to extract the grain’s full flavor...

  • Ezekiel

    Westminster John Knox Press. 1983. ISBN: 0664245749,9780664245740. 321 pages.

    This illuminating study enables the reader to better understand the vocation and message of an extraordinary prophet. The message Ezekiel delivered to the people of Babylon centered on the holiness of God. Even though he foretold doom and judgement, the prophet held out the promise of hope, based on the continuing mercy and forgiveness of God. Carrying forward brilliantly the pattern established by Barclay's New Testament series, the Daily Study Bible has been extended to cover the entire Old...

  • Heal Your Psoriasis and Look Great

    Jon Krieger. 2009. ISBN: 9781442145856,1442145854. 202 pages.

    Heal YOUR Psoriasis And Look Great is dedicated to the millions of people worldwide who are suffering from the skin disease psoriasis. This groundbreaking book teaches you how to strengthen your immune system, clear your skin, look great, and become healthy. Your holistic solution is based entirely on your genetics, and lifestyle choices. "One who understands others has knowledge. One who understands himself has wisdom." - the Tao.

  • The Super Metabolism Diet

    Ballantine Books. 2017. ISBN: 9781524796631,1524796638. 288 pages.

    TORCH FAT, LOOK YOUNGER, AND START LOSING YOUR BELLY—IN JUST 14 DAYS! NBC News health and wellness contributor David Zinczenko, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Zero Sugar Diet, Zero Belly Diet, the Abs Diet series, and the Eat This, Not That! series, discloses why some of us stay thin and some of us lose weight with ease—and reveals the secret to how you can stay lean for life. The answer lies within your metabolism, the body’s crucial, energy-burning engine that for so many of us...

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