One Gallon of Fake Blood

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Homemade Fake Blood - Halloween Science

What would Halloween be without a few gallons of fake blood? There are lots of recipes floating around, but the biggest complaint is that the fake blood looks ...


  • Fake Blood

    Simon and Schuster. 2018. ISBN: 9781481495585,1481495585. 300 pages.

    A middle schooler comes head-to-head with his vampire slayer crush in this laugh-out-loud funny graphic novel that’s a perfect coming-of-age story for anyone who’s ever felt too young, too small, or too average. It’s the beginning of the new school year and AJ feels like everyone is changing but him. He hasn’t grown or had any exciting summer adventures like his best friends have. He even has the same crush he’s harbored for years. So AJ decides to take matters into his own hands. But how...

  • Fake Blood

    CreateSpace. 2014. ISBN: 1500214280,9781500214289. 98 pages.

    When I first arrived at the trap house , I was at the mercy of drug and alcohol-fueled criminal psychopaths who sought to test my worth and have me prove my loyalty by any means necessary, from selling (and doing) drugs, to gun and drug trafficking, prostituting, riding shotgun in getaway cars, and closing my eyes to the constant criminal activity of the gang, for whom killing and gang rapes were the norm. To this day, I have no doubt that these guys would have killed me without hesitation if...

  • 100% Pure Fake

    Kids Can Press Ltd. 2012. ISBN: 9781554539314,1554539315. 48 pages.

    Presents instructions for creating twenty-five realistic recreations for practical jokes, including shrunken heads, fake feces, attachable blisters, and broken glass.

  • Make Fake Blood and 18 More Spooky Special Effects!

    2004. ISBN: 0439444314,9780439444316. 64 pages.
  • Squirt!

    Kids Can Press Ltd. 2006. ISBN: 9781553377764,1553377761. 40 pages.

    Uses colorful illustrations and interesting and diverse facts to provide an examination of blood and its many purposes.

There will be blood: Fake Blood Tip | Blunt Productions
There will be blood: Fake Blood Tip | Blunt Productions
Fake Blood - Tube 1 Oz
Fake Blood - Tube 1 Oz
fake blood | Natalie's 3rd Year Blog
fake blood | Natalie's 3rd Year Blog

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