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Flashcards for Kids and Children in English. Early Education

Flashcard slideshow for Richard V Krokos (6 months old) Early Education in English Email: krokosc@yahoo.com.

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  • Kellyanne Conway Just Used Flashcards to Teach Americans about 'Collusion Delusion'

    07/13/17 ,via Fortune

    What's the conclusion? Collusion? No. We don't have that yet,” Conway said, while showing flashcards to the camera during an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity. “I see illusion and delusion,” she said, while holding up large cards with the words

  • Donald Trump Advisor Kellyanne Conway Uses Flashcards to Explain 'Collusion Delusion' to Americans

    07/13/17 ,via Newsweek

    In something from an episode of Sesame Street, President Donald Trump's senior advisor Kellyanne Conway used flashcards to explain to Americans why the Trump campaign is innocent of working with Russia to interfere in the election. “This is to help all 

  • What The Tech? App of Day: Quizlet

    07/31/17 ,via WRCB-TV

    I owe a lot to flash cards. I'm not sure I would have ever gotten multiplication tables had my mom not used flash cards to help me study. I'm not sure how many people still use flash cards but there's no denying they help students memorize everything

  • Kevin Durant's reaction and Kellyanne Conway's flash cards get the meme treatment.

    07/13/17 ,via Washington Post

    @danwlin, coming up with alternative facts for the text on Kellyanne Conway's flashcards. On Wednesday night on Fox News, the White House adviser pulled out the cards to help viewers understand how she sees the Donald Trump Jr./Russia scandal.

  • Stephen Colbert Roasts Kellyanne Conway's Flash Cards

    07/14/17 ,via Vulture

    After Kellyanne Conway appeared on Hannity using rhyming flash cards, Stephen Colbert responded with a perfect parody of his own.


  • Animal Flash Cards

    Chronicle Books. 2018. ISBN: 0811852563,9780811852562. 26 pages.

    These beautiful flash cards, featuring artist and author Eric Carle's familiar animal illustrations, serve as a lovely introduction to the ABCs. Printed on thick, sturdy board, they are perfect for small hands to hold and are equally suited for hanging on the wall in a child's room.

  • VOX Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards

    McGraw Hill Professional. 2011. ISBN: 9780071781800,0071781803. 512 pages.

    Expert knowledge of Spanish vocabulary, right in your hands VOX Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards are a convenient way for you to practice and drill your Spanish vocabulary. This box of knowledge features thousands of the most essential Spanish words to help you learn new vocabulary, prepare for an exam, quiz yourself, or simply build more confidence in your skills. Each card features a cluster of key Spanish words and example sentences along with an English translation; all you need to study is...

  • McGraw-Hill's LSAT Logic Flashcards

    McGraw Hill Professional. 2011. ISBN: 9780071775823,007177582X. 402 pages.

    The 400 essential rules you need to know to master LAST Logic--all in one box! McGraw-Hill's LSAT Logic Flashcards is your edge in conquering the LSAT. Expert author Wendy Hanks has selected 400 key rules that frequently appear on LSAT exams to help you achieve up to a 180 maximum score. The best part is you can use these flashcards wherever you are--at home, at the library, on the bus, anywhere! You can use these flashcards to memorize rules--thanks to engaging explanations--or to quiz...

  • Einstein Never Used Flash Cards

    Rodale Books. 2004. ISBN: 9781623360801,1623360803. 320 pages.

    In Einstein Never Used Flashcards highly credentialed child psychologists, Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Ph.D., and Roberta Michnick Golinkoff, Ph.D., with Diane Eyer, Ph.D., offer a compelling indictment of the growing trend toward accelerated learning. It's a message that stressed-out parents are craving to hear: Letting tots learn through play is not only okay-it's better than drilling academics! Drawing on overwhelming scientific evidence from their own studies and the collective research results of...

  • Anesthesiology Oral Board Flash Cards

    McGraw Hill Professional. 2011. ISBN: 9780071736800,0071736808. 350 pages.

    150 two-sided cards help you develop the critical thinking skills necessary to ace the Anesthesiology Oral Boards Take the stress out of anesthesiology oral board preparation by learning how to analyze a complex situation, formulate an organized plan, and communicate it in a way that impresses the examiners Learn simple principles that guide you through information gathering, synthesis, decision making, and reevaluation Benefit from valuable tips on what to say and do during the oral exam...

Chronicle Books Flash cards by Lorena Siminovich Petit Collage ...
Chronicle Books Flash cards by Lorena Siminovich Petit Collage ...
Flash Cards
Flash Cards
Best Flashcard resources for ESL students
Best Flashcard resources for ESL students

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