PetLock Plus Flea & Tick Treatment for Large Dogs (3 Doses)

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PetLock Plus Flea & Tick Treatment for Large Dogs protects your pet against fleas, tick, lice, and mites with a long-lasting, fast-acting topical formula. This topical preventive utilizes the same active ingredients as Frontline Plus to kill all stages of the flea life cycle and protect your pet against all sorts of pests. PetLock Plus Flea & Tick Treatment for Large Dogs is formulated for dogs...


Home Pest Control : How to Kill Fleas in 24 Hours

Killing fleas in a 24-hour period is unrealistic due to the four stages of a flea. Find the fastest way to kill fleas with help from a professional pest control technician ...

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    “These people are dedicated to their animals. They would go without their own meals to feed them.” Angel Nole, 32, brought his dog Bandit, a Dalmatian pit bull-mix, for shots and flea control. He also brought Robin, a six-week-old pup for his first

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    Veterinarians often hear from their clients that the flea medicine they use doesn't seem to work any more. Maybe the fleas have become resistant to the medicine 

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    Your groomer will brush, comb, and scrub all the way to the skin and will be able to see and treat your pet for any fleas or ticks on your pet with the proper treatments. They can help direct you in the right course of action as needed for your

  • Making Fleas Flee

    07/25/17 ,via PCT Magazine

    Due to their small size (1/16 to 1/8 inch long) and jumping ability, people can mistake fleas for springtails. Thus, proper identification is a must before treatment. Fleas like to bite humans around ankles and waists, giving them itchy, red marks


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Revolution Flea Treatment for Dogs $44.20 Add to cart
Revolution Flea Treatment for Dogs $44.20 Add to cart
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Advantage Dog Flea Treatment $45.99 Add to cart
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Dog: Puppy flea treatment photo - WP05474
Dog: Puppy flea treatment photo - WP05474

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