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  • Slavery by Another Name

    Icon Books. 2012. ISBN: 9781848314139,1848314132. 496 pages.

    A Pulitzer Prize-winning history of the mistreatment of black Americans. In this 'precise and eloquent work' - as described in its Pulitzer Prize citation - Douglas A. Blackmon brings to light one of the most shameful chapters in American history - an 'Age of Neoslavery' that thrived in the aftermath of the Civil War through the dawn of World War II. Using a vast record of original documents and personal narratives, Blackmon unearths the lost stories of slaves and their descendants who...

  • I'll Push You

    NavPress. 2017. ISBN: 9781496421739,1496421736. 312 pages.

    Two best friends, 500 miles, one wheelchair, and the challenge of a lifetime. Friendship takes on new meaning in this true story of Justin and Patrick, born less than two days apart in the same hospital. Best friends their whole lives, they grew up together, went to school together, and were best man in each other’s weddings. When Justin was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease that robbed him of the use of his arms and legs, Patrick was there, helping to feed and care for him in ways he’d...

  • The Scarlet Pimpernel

    First Avenue Editions. 2017. ISBN: 9781512466751,1512466751. 294 pages.

    At the beginning of the French Revolution, a group of Englishmen form a secret society to rescue French aristocrats from the guillotine. Their mysterious leader is the elusive Scarlet Pimpernel. London society relishes stories of his heroic deeds and hotly debates the question of his identity. Meanwhile, the new French envoy to England, Citizen Chauvelin, will stop at nothing to catch him. Then Marguerite St. Just, the beautiful French wife of English aristocrat Sir Percy Blakeney, makes a...

  • Eat What You Watch

    HarperCollins. 2017. ISBN: 0008283656,9780008283650. 128 pages.

    Many of our favourite movies come with a side of iconic food moments: the comforting frothy butterbeer from Harry Potter, the sumptuous apple strudel from Inglorious Basterds, the delectable deli fare from When Harry Met Sally, or Remy the rat-chef's signature ratatouille in Ratatouille. In this cookbook, author Andrew Rea (of the hit YouTube channel 'Binging with Babish') recreates these iconic food scenes and many more. With recipes from more than 40 classic and cult films, Eat What You...

  • Hudl For Dummies

    John Wiley & Sons. 2014. ISBN: 9781118902196,111890219X. 238 pages.

    Provides a basic introduction to the Hudl tablet computer, including creating a Google account, connecting to Wi-Fi, personalization, navigating screens, email, applications, social media, viewing video, ebooks, and troubleshooting.

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