Bass Pro Shops Wireless Rain Gauge with Outdoor Temperature Display

Seller: Bass Pro Shops Bass Pro Shops by Bass Pro Shops Bass Pro Shops

Keep an accurate account of rainfall and temperatures with the Bass Pro Shops Wireless Rain Gauge with temperature display. This easy-to-use rainfall tracker features the Bass Pro Shopsogo. The display shows daily rainfall, a 9-day ra


Gadget Shopping with Jeremy Pang

Hong Kong is the place to shop for digital products. Our insider Jeremy Pang is going to show you where in Hong Kong you can find the latest hi-tech gadgets at ...


  • Lean for Sales

    CRC Press. 2016. ISBN: 9781482253153,1482253151. 178 pages.

    This groundbreaking book describes the Lean journey as it extends to a business area that is mission critical, yet has been virtually untouched by the Lean transformation. Lean for Sales : Bringing the Science of Lean to the Art of Selling provides sales professionals, and their management teams, with a structured, fact-based approach to boosting sales close rates and delivering improved business value to customers. The time-tested Lean selling techniques described in this book have been...

  • Danger Dan and Gadget Girl

    Epigram Books. 2016. ISBN: 9789814757034,9814757039.

    Danny and Melody are back together again, except this time, they’re in Melody’s world! Welcome to Singapore 2135, where cars travel the skyways, the grass is so soft you can sleep on it, and everything runs perfectly. Danny is thrilled with the brilliant gadgets...but some things are not quite what they seem. In The Animal Abduction, a new secret friend brings trouble to the Zoo! Danger Dan and Gadget Girl have to clean up the mess before it grows to elephant proportions. And Danger Dan has...

  • Danger Dan and Gadget Girl

    Epigram Books. 2016. ISBN: 9789814757058,9814757055.

    A mysterious water-borne disease is plaguing Singapore in 2135 and the blame has fallen on Melody’s brilliant brother, Bob. Danny and Melody have a slippery task at hand—to get to the bottom of the outbreak and prove Bob’s innocence…while keeping Dog a secret. In The Watery Wipeout, Danger Dan, Gadget Girl and Power Paws navigate underground tunnels, break mind-boggling codes and even get to ride on a Hover Cab! They discover that future Singapore is an island of never-ending thrills and...

  • Success: Can be Planned and Earned The Technology of Success for Youngsters in Teens, Twenties and Thirties

    Allied Publishers. 2010. ISBN: 9788184245967,8184245963. 316 pages.

    Success can be planned and it can also be earned. The process of planning for success ought to start from the onset of the teenage with crystallising proper perceptions of success (P1), reviewing those regularly as the teenager grows and matures in body and mind and evaluating eqach (P1) with his potentials for success (P2)- what are his strengths and natural inclinations. Then, nearer the time the youngster is ready rto embark on a career, he has to track the prospects for success (P3) in...

  • A Ghost of Singer

    Booktango. 2013. ISBN: 9781468924459,1468924451.

    A ghost of a popular singer from the past haunts for years to make her tragic story known to the world. She finds help from three people who were music aficionados and from these people she helps them find the destinies of their hearts. In the end, her own justice which has been put into oblivion for years had surfaced and soon, the culprit finally takes the consequences that are due her. However, this is all at the expense of one innocent life.

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