EmscoGroup 53075 PDGA Approved Disc Golf Set

Seller: Walmart US Walmart US by EmscoGroup EmscoGroup

Features- Three differently designed aerodynamic discs- Approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association- Putter for maximum precision and accuracy in low-speed putting throws- Mid-range for maximum placement control- Driver for long-distance tee throws and second throws- Rulesinstructions included- Pack - 12- Cube - 2-2 ft- Item Weight - 18 lbs- SKU: MSCO188


Game Golf Review

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Golf Star brings a Realistic Golf Game to AndroidAndroid Apps
Golf Star brings a Realistic Golf Game to AndroidAndroid Apps
Let’s Golf: The pleasure to be able to play a golf game with such ...
Let’s Golf: The pleasure to be able to play a golf game with such ...
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