Mintcraft GM7001 Mintcraft Garden 14 1/4 Inch Hoe And Cultivator

Seller: by Mintcraft Garden Mintcraft Garden

Hoe & cultivator oa lgth 14 inches -1/4 Carbon steel blade with black finish. Wooden handle with 2 tone soft grip. ...


Garden Hoes

One of the most popular tools in the garden is the hoe. We stop by Red Pig tools to check out this tool and see some different versions.


  • Death of a Garden Hoe

    2013. ISBN: 1590806611,9781590806616. 278 pages.

    The Olive Branch Garden Center is not all it seems. On the outside, it looks like any other place to buy seeds, plants, and duck doo. On the inside, it's a place where problematic teens with more than a little bit of attitude end up after they get in trouble with the law. Forced to work and live together, they are just biding their time, until they find Dead Chick. With nothing but trouble in common, bad luck forces these five teens from different backgrounds to the right side of the law when...

  • Musket and Garden Hoe

    1975. ISBN: 0628008716,9780628008718. 161 pages.
  • Death of a Garden Hoe

    krabes books. 1999.

    A dead prostitute. A missing garden hoe. Who hoed the ho? Five jailbird teens are sentenced to do community service time at the Olive Branch Garden Center. Cops watch their every move and bad luck dogs their every step. A sick-nasty gamer named Pone, a spoiled, self-centered rich kid they call Cash, Shroom, an ex-gang banger with a badass attitude, Bean, a really smart, but bumbling idiot, and a very angry prostitute named Spaz stumble upon a dead girl in an alley. Pone grabs his cell phone...

  • The Garden Primer

    Workman Publishing. 2017. ISBN: 0761148566,9780761148562. 820 pages.

    Offers advice on buying and growing different kinds of plants with an emphasis on the use of native plant species and the techniques of organic gardening.

  • Joy of Gardening

    Storey Publishing. 2012. ISBN: 9781612123196,1612123198. 384 pages.

    Full of useful tips and practical garden wisdom, this straightforward guide shows you everything you need to know to grow a more bountiful harvest with less work. Stressing the utility of raised beds and wide rows, gardening expert Dick Raymond shares his time-tested techniques for preparing the soil, starting plants, and controlling weeds. With helpful photographs, clear charts, and profiles of reliable garden vegetables, Joy of Gardening will inspire you to grow your best crop ever.

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