Mintcraft GM7001 Mintcraft Garden 14 1/4 Inch Hoe And Cultivator

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Garden Hoes

One of the most popular tools in the garden is the hoe. We stop by Red Pig tools to check out this tool and see some different versions.


  • Garden Planner, Journal and Log Book: Garden Hoe

    2017. ISBN: 1978422164,9781978422162. 108 pages.

    ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME $13.97 Just $9.92! The BEST Gardening Tool You'll Ever Have! FINALLY! An easy way to eliminate the frustrations of gardening, get organized, keep records, plan for the future, and grow the most amazing garden ever! What's Inside: Supplier contact lists Weather log Bloom & harvest schedule Garden plotting notes and map Plans for the year Jobs for the month When to plant monthly planning checklist Weekly planner And much more! This must-have gardening journal, planner...

  • A History of the Garden in Fifty Tools

    University of Chicago Press. 2014. ISBN: 9780226139937,022613993X. 224 pages.

    A green thumb is not the only tool one needs to garden well—at least that’s what the makers of gardening catalogs and the designers of the dizzying aisle displays in lawn- and-garden stores would have us believe. Need to plant a bulb, aerate some soil, or keep out a hungry critter? Well, there’s a specific tool for almost everything. But this isn’t just a product of today’s consumer era, since the very earliest gardens, people have been developing tools to make planting and harvesting more...

  • The Market Gardener

    New Society Publishers. 2014. ISBN: 9780865717657,0865717656. 224 pages.

    Grow better not bigger with proven low-tech, human-scale, biointensive farming methods

  • The Garden Primer

    Workman Publishing. 2018. ISBN: 0761148566,9780761148562. 820 pages.

    Offers advice on buying and growing different kinds of plants with an emphasis on the use of native plant species and the techniques of organic gardening.

  • Carrots Love Tomatoes

    Storey Publishing. 1998. ISBN: 9781603423960,1603423966. 224 pages.

    Plant parsley and asparagus together and you’ll have more of each, but keep broccoli and tomato plants far apart if you want them to thrive. Utilize the natural properties of plants to nourish the soil, repel pests, and secure a greater harvest. With plenty of insightful advice and suggestions for planting schemes, Louise Riotte will inspire you to turn your garden into a naturally nurturing ecosystem.

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