PTM Images Sunset Garden I Framed Wall Art-One Size

Seller: Bealls Bealls

PTM's Sunset Garden Framed Wall Art features a shadowbox framed matted giclee print on paper of a sunset under glass. Art comes ready to hang. Overall measures: 21.375'' x 25.375''.


Stephan Micus- The Garden Of Mirrors-Gates Of Fire

Take a deep breath, the baraka,sufi word point of wiew, the essence of life.


  • Mirrors of Infinity:

    Princeton Architectural Press. 1995. ISBN: 1568980507,9781568980508. 111 pages.

    From the Japanese Zen Garden to Andr Le Notre's Versailles, the history of landscape reveals that every garden embodies a philosophy. Focusing on the metaphysics, aesthetics, and theology of the seventeenth century, Allen Weiss's analysis offers new insight into the major gardens of this period: Vaux-le-Vicomte, Chantilly, and Versailles. From the Meditations of Descartes and Pascal's Penss, to the intrigues of court politics, Weiss reveals how the structure of these gardens...

  • A Mirror Garden

    Anchor. 2018. ISBN: 9780307278784,0307278786. 322 pages.

    A female Iranian artist describes growing up in privilege in pre-World War II Persia, her rebellion against tradition, arrival in America during the war, training as an artist, disastrous first marriage and happy second marriage, artistic endeavors, return to Iran, and the rise of radical fundamentalism that led her and her husband to begin a new life in New York. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.

  • The Sun King's Garden

    Bloomsbury Publishing USA. 2006. ISBN: 9781582346311,1582346313. 370 pages.

    Presents an illustrated account of the creation of one of the world's most dazzling and extensive gardens, the gardens at the palace of Versailles, noting the unique four-decade friendship between Louis XIV, the creator of the garden, and Andre Le Ntre, the gardener.

  • Plans for Small Gardens

    Pavilion Books. 2014. ISBN: 9781909815698,1909815691. 300 pages.

    You see a wonderful garden on TV, at the Chelsea flower show, or at your neighbours' house, but how do you go about recreating it in your own back yard? In Ann-Marie Powell's Plans for Small Gardens, the Chelsea gold medal winner lists out all the gardening ingredients, as well explaining how to actually create and maintain your garden. This is a book that starts from scratch to allow even gardening novices to build their perfect patch. Choose your recipe - shady, courtyard, family, or...

  • Exploring Garden Style

    Taunton Press. 2001. ISBN: 1561584746,9781561584741. 170 pages.

    A step-by-step guide to creating a garden based on theme, style, or need--from kitchen gardens to tropical gardens--furnishes a look at the pleasures of creating a landscape that nurtures the gardener as well as wildlife. Original.

Gothic Garden Mirror - Wooden - Small
Gothic Garden Mirror - Wooden - Small
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Garden Mirrors for Children | Kidsinthegarden
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