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Choosing the Right Garden Tools for Your Vegetable Garden

For those with little direct gardening experience, this introductory video will help you choose the right garden tools to properly manage your vegetable garden.


  • Care and repair of lawn and garden tools

    1992. 257 pages.
  • Garden Tools & Equipment

    Taunton Press. 1995. ISBN: 156158102X,9781561581023. 95 pages.

    Discusses how to select, use, and care for gardening tools and equipment, including hand tools, digging tools, leaf shredders, pruning shears, garden hoses, irrigation systems, and clay and plastic pots

  • Garden Tools

    Capstone. 2003. ISBN: 0756504481,9780756504489. 24 pages.

    Looks at tools that make gardening easier, including the spade, trowel, watering can, and rake.

  • Antique Garden Tools and Accessories

    Schiffer Pub Limited. 2004. ISBN: 0764314785,9780764314780. 208 pages.

    In thousands of years of tilling the soil, we have created a great variety of garden tools to dig, cut scrub, harrow fields, and trim borders. What makes the tools unique, and collectible, is the way function has dictated form, resulting in not only ingenious shapes, but artistic ones. In the 19th and early 20th centuries garden tool catalogues listed hundreds of task-specific tools including dibbers, mattocks, potato hoes, onion hoes, daisy grubbers, claws, weeders, forcers, straighteners,...

  • Garden Tools

    Abbeville Press. 1996. ISBN: 0789200872,9780789200877. 160 pages.

    The story behind the basic yet inventively crafted implements that have enabled the human race to cultivate nature's bounty and beauty. While the history of gardens has been exhaustively explored, the story of garden tools has been virtually ignored--until now. Illustrated with hundreds of full-color photographs, as well as with vintage lithographs, engravings, posters, ads, and even decorative plates depicting garden implements, the book follows the gardening cycle, and each chapter features...

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