Kevin Bacon Double Feature: Quicksilver / White Water Summer

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Quicksilver": Kevin Bacon (TV's "The Following") is pedaling for all he's worth as a bicycle messenger on a collision course with danger in "Quicksilver". As he darts through the city traffic, making his rounds in the fast-paced world of maverick messengers, Jack Casey (Bacon) uncovers a sinister web of murder and intrigue. When he falls for Terri (Jami Gertz of "Twister") , a fellow messenger...


Builders DIY: Designing your Garden - Adding a Water Feature

Adding a water feature to your garden can have a smoothing, calm effect. Watch our DIY guy Andrew show you how to build your own in the garden.


  • Water Features for Small Gardens

    Timber Press (OR). 2018. ISBN: 0881925969,9780881925968. 174 pages.

    Before starting your water feature, learn from these detailed case studies that depict actual gardens progressing from planning to planting, using only modest building skills.

  • Water Features for Every Garden

    Sterling Publishing Company. 2018. ISBN: 0806960965,9780806960968. 160 pages.

    From formal to friendly, whatever the style of your gadren, there is a water feature that's right for you. Ideas to help you create the backyard haven of your dreams. The water features span a range of styles and meet a variety of needs. If you have small children, there's a feature on a child-safe pebble pond; if you don't have much room, there's one on a mini water garden in a container. A whole range of ideas, practical tips and instructions to help you create the inherent peace &...

  • Concrete Garden Projects

    Timber Press. 2011. ISBN: 9781604693355,1604693355. 133 pages.

    For gardeners and backyard do-it-yourselfers, concrete is a revelation. It's durable, weatherproof, impossible to steal, and it provides much-needed insulation for outdoor plants. Concrete weathers beautifully, softening around the edges, developing moss, and becoming more picturesque with age. Concrete Garden Projects takes advantage of concrete's numerous assets, showcasing an inspiring array of creative options. The step-by-step instructions for dozens of easy, do-it-yourself décor ideas...

  • Outdoor Water Features

    Storey Kids. 2001. ISBN: 1580173349,9781580173346. 128 pages.

    It's never been easier for gardeners to add the spark and serenity of water to their own landscapes. Garden centers and flower shows provide both the tools and inspiration, and this book will give readers the know-how. Includes 16 projects, from simple to more advanced: a classic wall-mounted fountain spout, cascades, garden ponds, witty water sculptures, and more. Full-color photos & illustrations.

  • Water Features for Small Gardens

    2002. ISBN: 1840912537,9781840912531. 96 pages.

    Dip into this wealth of inspirational ideas for everything from tiny pebble pools to more elaborate fish ponds, rills, and steps. Lush photographs accompany practical information on good design and sound construction. There’s guidance on style and siting, and on plants that thrive in the pond, on its edge, and in the surrounding areas. Plus: “Case histories” of actual water gardens and vital advice on aeration, water purification, and pump care.

Inspirational & Idyllic Garden Water Features « Home Highlight
Inspirational & Idyllic Garden Water Features « Home Highlight
Garden Water Features - Dan 330
Garden Water Features - Dan 330
garden water features image 2
garden water features image 2

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