Gelish/Shellac & other Gel Polish swatches 77+ colours (PART ONE)

Swatches of Gel Polish.


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  • The Complete Nail Technician

    Cengage Learning EMEA. 2004. ISBN: 184480139X,9781844801398. 312 pages.

    Marian Newman's Second Edition of the popular The Complete Nail Technician now features even more comprehensive content of Nail Technology, with three new chapters added and 400 new images. The book has been written in line with current NVQ in Nail Services at levels 2 and, and will therefore appeal to both students, instructors and practising nail technicians alike. Written by Marian Newman, a leading figure in the nail industry, The Complete Nail Technician contains everything you need to...

  • Nail Care Tips & Tricks

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    Your nails can say a lot about you—so you want them to look their best. The first step to great-looking nails is making sure they're healthy. Then, with a few style secrets, you can make your nails glamorous. Caring for your nails—and the skin around your nails—can be as easy as using the right kinds of tools and as fun as giving yourself a pedicure. And happy, healthy nails look even better with some decoration. Find out about different kinds of nail polish, learn how to get the most out of...

  • Pippa

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  • I Had A Date Last Night

    The Secret Singleton. 2017. ISBN: 9781912022526,1912022524. 185 pages.

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GELISH: 72 colors of Gelish
GELISH: 72 colors of Gelish
Gelish-Colours (1) | Guys n Dolls Hair
Gelish-Colours (1) | Guys n Dolls Hair
Gelish Get Color-Fall Collection (2014 Fall Gelish Colors ...
Gelish Get Color-Fall Collection (2014 Fall Gelish Colors ...

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