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Golf Club Equipment Myths

Former USGA equipment head tester debunks the marketing hype on what equipment golfers need for their game.


  • Collecting Antique Golf Clubs

    1998. ISBN: 1886752109,9781886752108. 258 pages.
  • The Insider's Guide to Golf Equipment

    Perigee. 1997. ISBN: 0399522778,9780399522772. 371 pages.

    A comprehensive buyer's guide to a full range of golf equipment evaluates the quality, special characteristics, and costs of a variety of brand-name clubs and accessories and offers advice on how to select the best equipment to fit one's personal needs. Original.

  • How Golf Clubs Really Work and How to Optimize Their Designs

    Origin, Incorporated. 2000. ISBN: 0967762502,9780967762500. 183 pages.

    The book entitled How Golf Clubs Really Work and How to Optimize Their Design ($29.95), is the first book published that focuses on the golf club and the way that golfers can utilize their specific clubs to achieve better shot control, leading to lower scores for all golfers. The book is the end result of a 10-year, full-time dedicated research effort for co-authors Frank D. Werner and Richard C. Grieg. Both have advanced degrees in aerospace engineering and together have over 90 patents. The...

  • David Graham's Guide to Golf Equipment

    Tuttle Publishing. 1993. ISBN: 0804818487,9780804818483. 160 pages.

    The first ever equipment guide for golfers of all handicaps.

  • Golf Equipment: Unconventional Tips They Don't Want You to Know Golf

    Lulu Press, Inc. 2016. ISBN: 9781329986701,1329986709.

    Junior golf + beginners + equipment = quite the equation for sports fanatics. In order to correctly supply an answer and conclusion for the above problem, it is very important to identify each of the individual portions of the equation. This will allow us to understand the essential pieces of each factor, which will help youths to understand the game and their roles within the sport to a more effective and efficient degree. It is very important for youths that are just getting into the sport...

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