Golf Club Equipment Myths

Former USGA equipment head tester debunks the marketing hype on what equipment golfers need for their game.

Callaway SUPERSOFT Golf Balls

Callaway SUPERSOFT Golf Balls: Only 35 compression points20 points softer than some of Callaway's most popular 2-piece ballsUltra Low Compression core delivers maximum ball speedReduced spin for increased distanceSuper-low spin for incredibly straight ball flight

Men's Right Handed Golf Clubs - Set of 7

Have that sweet and accurate swing with this Men's Right Handed Golf Clubs - Set of 7. It is made perfectly and especially for right handed golfers. This golf set is constructed with high quality satin finished irons that are balanced to properly distribute the weight throughout the club and...

$137.01 Royce Leather Golf Shoe And Accessory Bag 677-10
Luggage & Bags

Large vented size pocket stores golf shoes in their own interior compartment. Two additional pockets, one with a mesh top will hold 3 golf balls, the other your tees. Interior has two additional pockets, one is mesh the other solid. In Royce's Ultra Man-Made Leather.

$129.95 USA, LLC Swing Groover Golf Practice Aid

Develops good golf habitsTrue club-head feelAutomatically tees itself after each swingUse any clubs (woods or irons)For left- and right-handed players

$15.07 USA, LLC SKB Cases SKB Freedom Stand Transport ATA

SK1415SKB's line of equipment cases is perfect to store and carry all the extra gear that must go to every gig. These cases come in a variety of sizes with and without foam to meet the diversified needs of all musicians. The perfect cases to transport and protect your expensive equipment....



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    A comprehensive buyer's guide to a full range of golf equipment evaluates the quality, special characteristics, and costs of a variety of brand-name clubs and accessories and offers advice on how to select the best equipment to fit one's personal needs. Original.

  • Ten Things You Thought You Knew about Golf Clubs

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    How much do you really know about your golf clubs?Did you know that:The lower the loft on your driver, the farther you¿ll hit it?Your new driver has a larger ¿sweetspot?¿You are playing a stiff shaft, because it says so on it.Women¿s clubs are designed for women?Fine, but the problem is¿ NONE OF THOSE THINGS ARE TRUETom Wishon, one of the leading golf club designers in the world, takes you through 10 myths that most golfers believe about their golf clubs. They are based on his best-selling...

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    Junior golf + beginners + equipment = quite the equation for sports fanatics. In order to correctly supply an answer and conclusion for the above problem, it is very important to identify each of the individual portions of the equation. This will allow us to understand the essential pieces of each factor, which will help youths to understand the game and their roles within the sport to a more effective and efficient degree. It is very important for youths that are just getting into the sport...

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